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megan was a 17 year old girl who's life turned upside down when her mom and dad got a divorse. she moved to london and left all of her friends and dad. then her and her boyfriend had a horrible break up. will anything go right in her life? she thinks her life is over. then her moms fiance simon introduces her to five lads that change her life, but one in particular..


1. the room

i woke up way earlier than i had planned. like 4 in the morning early. and i went to bed at nine last night so i had no desire to fall back asleep. so i went to my mini fridge grabbed a pink monster went to the 3 suitcases i had yet to unpack. you see a few months back my mom and dad split up because my dad had an affair and my mom couldn't take living with him anymore.so she decided to pack up and move to london where she grew up when she was little. i was pissed i repeat pissed at my dad so i decided to go with my mom packing up all my things and leaving my friends and relationship behind. it was the worst breakup i had ever had. i told him i was moving and he said i was a bitch for leaving him because i had the choice to stay in america but i didnt. then i tried to explain why and he said he didnt care and he never loved me and he only used me for the action so i left. i just walked out of panera where we met to give him the news. i havent heard from him since but he was the first boy i loved. so we moved and some how managed to get a GIGANTIC house i mean like the whole first floor was like the size of my old house. and i cant even tell how much i love my mom for it. due to the fact that the whole third floor is mine, no its not as grand as it seems. it was meant to be an attic so its smaller than a normal floor but its big enough for  a king sized canopy bed, insuite bathroom, walk in closest filled with  abercrombie, hollister, and vs pink becuase those are the types of clothes i wear every day, bureau, desk,couch, hanging chair, and mini fridge. i was a big belieber back home so i went with the theme of white and purple in my room. so white walls, white carpet white everything, exept for the decorations and bed spread.

i opened the closest suitcase to me and started taking out the clothes. this happened to be full of winter clothing so i had no need for it yet, but i hung them up anyways. then i moved onto the suitcase full of dresses. i adore dresses. i have tons of them from bandage dresses to flowy sundresses and maxi dresses.and aton of paterns and colors. they get hung at the front of my closet..of course. the last suitcase was full of shoes so i neatly orginized them into rows. oh i forgot to mention i have really bad OCD so everything has to be in order at all times and my closet is always color coated and sorted by style and season too.

when i had finally finished i made my bed,arranged the pillows again, threw out my now empty monster and turned the shower up hot and waited until i saw steam seep through the doorway to signal it was hot enough. there is nothing like a good shower. and im glad i woke up early because now i have enough time to take a shower and look presentable before i left to go have breakfast at some little cafe down the rode with my mom and her fiance whon i have never met before.

when i stepped out of the shower i rapped myself in a towel and walked over to my desk to check what time it was on my iphone4s (early 18th birthday present from dad) seeing that it was nearly 6 oclock and i had to be down stairs by 730 i found it was the perfect time to do my makeup then hair. but first i threw on  a pair of 'vs pink' yoga shorts and a hollister tank top. i  decided to do my hair first so the blow dryer didnt smudge the makeup. i have brown hair with carmel highlights it goes down a few inches past my shoulders and its not thick but  not thin either  so it takes a while to blow dry but its naturally wavy so  i didnt have to do much more than blowdry it. then i put on fresh makep because i didnt want it to be nuteral seeing how it was august.

i decided to wear my favorite sundress which is strapless and dark blue with pink flowers on it from hollister paired with tan laceup ankle boots with a two inch wedge. 

by the time i was finished it was 7:22 so i decided to start walking to the cafe seeing as i was meeting my mom and simon there. 

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