Lucky, unlucky, forget me <3


First off, all the stuff in this fanfic is a characters point of view, not my own, so im not saying i think Niall needs to try harder to fix his teeth, or that none of them have manners, its just the characters first judgement. I dont think any of that, i love them for who they are, and im not a directionATOR, im a directionER, this is simply just a character, and if im honest, it was really hard to say that about them, because its not true!
This is a story about a girl, and Niall, Niall and a girl. Except this girl is no ordinary girl, she is his brother. His unwelcome, unloved, lonley brother. She thinks she's going to be like that forever, until one train ticket to London, and a bump into a stranger on the streets changes everything... Summer, here we come...:D


17. Unbelievable.

I needed to know what was going on with Zayn and Perrie, the thought of Zayn being sad made my stomach do back flips. I couldn't stand to see people sad at all, especially people that meant a lot to me...
'Zayn' i said quietly. He didn't answer but i heard him inside his room shouting to someone.
'Perrie, seriously! You expect me to forgive you after you did that?! I thought you loved me!?... I don't want excuses, just don't speak to me again!' he screamed. Nothing else came after that. There was just a loud bang.
I finally coughed up the guts to knock, and my stomach just flew up to my throat as he slowly pulled open the door.
'Are you okay? I heard you shouting?' i choked. I could see the tears in his eyes, but he gave in and broke down to me. He let me in and i sat on his bed against the wall, him explaining everything. I comforted him like a nice friend would and agreed to stay here with him. We watched 'Aladdin' because disney films are just awesome! He was still whimpering at the beginning of it over Perrie and his break up, if you didn't catch that bit, but when i turned to face him as the credit rolled down the screen, he was fast asleep. He looked so cute while he was asleep. I went back to my own room and changed into my pyjamas, then went on a journey downstairs. Little did i know,  that Harry and Niall had guests over.
I was in the kitchen fixing myself a little sandwich to munch on, when Niall trotted in casually with a smirk on his innocent face.
'Oh hey Alex, i was wondering if you could let me have this one night to myself in  our room, not sure if you know them but two girls are staying over tonight, and i really don't want her to sleep on the couch!' Niall pleaded. As if!? He was kicking me out of my own room!? Unbelievable.
'Fine' i lied convincingly.
'You sure your okay with that?' he asked.
'Yeah, ill just ask Harry if i can stay in his room tonight, i mean, he's the only one I'm close to here,  except Liam, but i wouldn't do that to Danielle ' i smile through gritted teeth.
'Yeah,  about that, Harrys got the other girl in his room' Niall hissed inwards.
'Oh,  thats fine, i think i'm going to take a walk on the beach' i sighed. There was no use in me even staying here anymore. Once again in my life,  i felt unwelcome.
Completely forgetting Zayn was asleep and everyone else was even in the house,  i stepped outside and slammed the door behind me. The beach was about a ten minute walk, but i was slightly angry,  so i was walking much faster.
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