Lucky, unlucky, forget me <3


First off, all the stuff in this fanfic is a characters point of view, not my own, so im not saying i think Niall needs to try harder to fix his teeth, or that none of them have manners, its just the characters first judgement. I dont think any of that, i love them for who they are, and im not a directionATOR, im a directionER, this is simply just a character, and if im honest, it was really hard to say that about them, because its not true!
This is a story about a girl, and Niall, Niall and a girl. Except this girl is no ordinary girl, she is his brother. His unwelcome, unloved, lonley brother. She thinks she's going to be like that forever, until one train ticket to London, and a bump into a stranger on the streets changes everything... Summer, here we come...:D


37. Thuesday 14th June...

*Thursday 14th June*
I was super nervous for this. We'd just had 2 weeks off, a week of practice and now we were back to performing. I waited with the lads backstage, Liam doing press up, Zayn chewing gum, Louis and Niall slapping each other lightly, all as a pre-on stage routine. I was stood looking at the crowd from the wings. They were stamping their feet and screaming our names, holding up banners and stuff and crying. Alex was waiting nervous on her platform.
I stuck thumbs up at her as everyone went quiet in the audience.
The start of the show was here.
It was time.

'Well the sky is blue and the grass is green,
And everything else thats in-between,
Is brighter, and better...' she sang, and the crowd clapped. The platform started raising and the music played while she continued.

'The sunsets red and the walls are white,
And everything else is oh so nice.
Its brighter and better...' her voice was honestly perfect. Zayn was tearing up behind me and i knew how proud he was. We all were. She finished her song and all the directioners roared with applause. It was magical. From where i was standing, i could see her and she could see me. When he looked back, i smiled massive in her direction and Niall got ready to go out.
'This next song, well, a special guest is performing with me today is all i'll say' she winked at the audience, picking at the strings and hitting all the right chords.

'Well you done done me and you bet i felt it, i tried to be chill but your so hot that i melted, i feel right through the cracks, now i'm trying to get back...'
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