Lucky, unlucky, forget me <3


First off, all the stuff in this fanfic is a characters point of view, not my own, so im not saying i think Niall needs to try harder to fix his teeth, or that none of them have manners, its just the characters first judgement. I dont think any of that, i love them for who they are, and im not a directionATOR, im a directionER, this is simply just a character, and if im honest, it was really hard to say that about them, because its not true!
This is a story about a girl, and Niall, Niall and a girl. Except this girl is no ordinary girl, she is his brother. His unwelcome, unloved, lonley brother. She thinks she's going to be like that forever, until one train ticket to London, and a bump into a stranger on the streets changes everything... Summer, here we come...:D


28. The kiss i've been waiting for.

'Morning babe' i smiled, handing Eleanor a cup of hot tea, no sugar.
'Hey' her giggles were gorgeous,  like her.
'Cutie' i laughed.
'Shut up' she scowled, then laughed.
'You want to go shopping? I'll buy you something nice' puppy dog eyes always worked on Eleanor, so she nodded and kissed my nose lightly.
Minutes later, my beautiful girlfriend strolled down the stairs in a cute summer dress and ballet flats. She looked beautiful. Her hair was simply up in a ponytail and she did her make up the way i liked it,  not much.
'You look fine' i laughed while she looked at herself in the mirror.
I wrapped my arms around her waist and started walking over to the door with her.
Both of us got into the rented car. We only had it for this last week here,  7 days in Spain left...

'HARRY WAKE UP!' someone shouted, scaring the life out of me and making me fall out of the bed.
'Why? Why would you do that?' i groaned, shielding my eyes from the light seeping through the curtains.
'Wake up, its 1 o clock!' Paige laughed, dragging the covers from over my head. I moaned and got up, stretching quickly then pushing her towards the door.
'Hey, don't blame me, it's not my fault your lazy, i need to get home!' she giggled.
'Why do you have to go?' i whined.
'Because i'm sick of seeing your gorgeous face' she rolled her eyes.
'I shall take that as a compliment' i chuckled. We stood there in silence at the top of the stairs for a few minutes. It was like my face was being draw towards hers. And she seemed to think the same.
It was that moment, that i kissed her.
And she kissed me back...
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