Lucky, unlucky, forget me <3


First off, all the stuff in this fanfic is a characters point of view, not my own, so im not saying i think Niall needs to try harder to fix his teeth, or that none of them have manners, its just the characters first judgement. I dont think any of that, i love them for who they are, and im not a directionATOR, im a directionER, this is simply just a character, and if im honest, it was really hard to say that about them, because its not true!
This is a story about a girl, and Niall, Niall and a girl. Except this girl is no ordinary girl, she is his brother. His unwelcome, unloved, lonley brother. She thinks she's going to be like that forever, until one train ticket to London, and a bump into a stranger on the streets changes everything... Summer, here we come...:D


18. Nothing happened.

'Urm,  hey, Niall told me you were here' someone snuck up behind me,  startling me a lot. I had found a quiet spot on the beach, to collect my thoughts and let them fade into the sea.
'Oh, hi Zayn' i recognised that mysterious tone anywhere.
'Look, i just wanted to make sure you were okay, i was a little worried, after all, you comforted me all night earlier, i thought i'd come for you now!' he grinned, sitting down next to me and putting a blanket around my shoulders.
'Thank you' i whispered,  tears burning my eyes painfully.
'So, are you going to tell me whats up?' he smiled.
'You don't need me to weigh you down with even more problems, you've dealt with enough today' i turned my face to see his. It was late yes, so only the dim moonlight shone on his face. It actually made his face even more perfect...
Whats going on with me lately? I can't be falling in love with Zayn! He's just been through a break up,  this isn't right. 
My lips were there, right in front of his. My lips were telling me to go for it, but i just couldn't do that to Perrie. She was a lovely girl from what i've heard. But Zayn deserves better.
'I don't care, you deserve someone to talk to' he whispered. Our faces were only a couple of inches apart. His breath was warm on my cold face,  and sent shivers down my spine rapidly. Goosebumps...
'I just feel so unwelcome here...' i continued,  telling him everything. From day one. Everything.

*the next morning*
I woke up the next morning in a nice heated bed, under the warmest duvets imaginable, with a pair of muscly arms wrapped around me.
It all came flooding back to me. The beach. I'd told Zayn everything. I was in rivers of tears and i just curled up in a ball, while he rocked me back and forth like a child,  trying to tell me everything would be okay. But it wouldn't. I remember feeling his big biceps lift me up like a cradle and he had carried me all the way home like that.
And now here we are. 
The fresh smell of bacon, sausage and egg flew up my nose and woke me up instantly. I wriggled out of Zayns grasp and pushed my feet into my slippers.
'Morning' Harry sang.
'Have fun last night?' i winked.
'Nothing happened, we just watched Bambi and snuggled up all night, i can say the least about you and Zayn though!' he chuckled,  turning over to sizzling sausages.
'We did nothing!' i laughed.
'You'll tell me anything' he grinned.
'Shut up, nothing happened, i swear down!' i protested, making my way into the living room after stealing one of the slices of toast Harry was just about to pick up.
'Hey Alex!' Eleanor smiled. Her,  Danielle,  Paige and Chelsea were all sat gossiping.
'Hey' i sighed.
'You okay?' Danielle worried.
'Me? Im fine hun' i convinced.
'Good, we were wondering if you wanted to come shopping with us four soon,  it'll be fun!' Eleanor asked. I threw a glance at Chelsea and she looked away. She was clearly ashamed of something.
'Urm, sure, why not? I could do with a day out, i need a new outfit too, i haven't got one in ages!' i giggled, perking up a little.
'Good, were leaving at 11, be ready' Danielle smiled again, skipping off to go get ready.
Today should be fun, i need to take my mind off things...
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