Lucky, unlucky, forget me <3


First off, all the stuff in this fanfic is a characters point of view, not my own, so im not saying i think Niall needs to try harder to fix his teeth, or that none of them have manners, its just the characters first judgement. I dont think any of that, i love them for who they are, and im not a directionATOR, im a directionER, this is simply just a character, and if im honest, it was really hard to say that about them, because its not true!
This is a story about a girl, and Niall, Niall and a girl. Except this girl is no ordinary girl, she is his brother. His unwelcome, unloved, lonley brother. She thinks she's going to be like that forever, until one train ticket to London, and a bump into a stranger on the streets changes everything... Summer, here we come...:D


23. Help me!?

'Why exactly did you want to come here?' Zayn asked suspiciously.
'Im not sure if im honest,  that number rang again and told me to' I explained.
'I told you you were insane...' he sang. Wow he could defiantly sing,  even if i was sarcasm.
'Shut up' i ordered. The trees were rustling, but there was no breeze, not the slightest. My hair didn't even budge.
I span round and noticed something there. Maybe it was just insanity. I needed to sit down. So i did, on the floor. Zayn joined me and we sat on the metal flooring for a while.
When least expected, the floor beneath us started cracking. I had my hands on the bar, but Zayn was daydreaming with his hands just in his lap. Suddenly, the metal broke into two large pieces, directly between me and Zayn. I clung onto that bar for dear life, screaming and panting Zayn's name. He didn't reply. He wasn't even on the bar next to me. He was on that metal below me. Sat on it while it floated in the water. If i let go, i'd have hit that surface hard, and probably wouldn't make it. When i say bridge, you probably mean a pretty little thing with flowers growing around it and it's about a metre above the water, right? No, this bridge seemed to be almost 20 metres above, and was rusty and old. If i hit that water, it would hurt. A lot. How Zayn managed to not get too hurt on the metal is beyond me, but i bet he was bruised id not broken.
'I told you not to tell anyone Zayn' i heard from the side of me. He had his hand around his mouth and was aiming his voice to the water below. I struggled to hang on, but the hard rocks at either side of me terrified me. If one side of this bar snapped, I'd be straight into that rock and most likely wouldn't see daylight again.
'Alex!' a faint voice screamed from below me. I didn't dare look down, but obviously it was Zayn, as the mysterious man had gone.
'Help!' i shouted as loud as i could.
'I'm here, don't panic! Just hold on, i'll call for help!' he tried staying calm, but it didn't change how i was feeling at all. I was petrified.
'How!? That idiots got your phone!' i screamed, losing my grip with one hand a few times. 
'Just hang in their gorgeous' his voice was so reassuring. Wait, did he just call me gorgeous?
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