Don't really know where this one came from but here it is all the same =)


1. Freedom


The light! There!

Run faster, the fire in your legs begins to increase.

“There! I’ve found him!” You hear them shouting behind you and you run faster still, struggling at the inferno raging in your muscles.

Heavy boots sound in the tunnel as they make their pursuit but you don’t panic,

They’re long behind you and you’re so close to freedom, you can taste it on your tongue- sweeter than honey.

So long since you have seen the sky.

So long since your feet have touched grass, so long since your skin has felt the wind.

So long since you have known kindness from your fellow man.

Merely a few strides away and suddenly the pain in your legs stop from the anticipation, tears of joy stream from your tired eyes.

You’re going to make it! You’re going to live again!


Why have you stopped?

Confusion and panic instantly overwhelm you and your frantically look for the cause of your halted progress.

Hands! Hands holding your arms in a vice-like grip.

You shake them off and progress again!


The hands again and this time you strike at their master.

He staggers, holding his now bloody features and meets your feral and desperate stare.

You back away and towards your sweet freedom when more hands restrain you from behind pushing you to your knees.

Your legs fail to hold them back and collapse underneath you, the fire having returned and you scream in frustration.

Leverage allows you to twist and see one of them walking towards you with the Bag.

Your eyes dart from the Bag to the light mere feet away and your body pulls itself toward the free world that it yearns for but they hold you back, too many and too strong for you alone.

A searing scream erupts from your throat; an animalistic, guttural sound that chills even you to the bone.

The light! So close!

Another scream as the man with the Bag stands between you and the light.

You look past him at your beloved light with stricken eyes as you feel the Bag being slipped onto your head, savouring the sight of it, knowing you’ll likely never see it again.

And then…the dark consumes your world again, embracing you in its cold…

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