Never Lose Hope

Julia is a normal teenage girl with four best friends living in California. They all absolutely love One Direction and when Julia's brother gets her tickets for their concert she gets more than she asks for. What do you think will happen to Julia and her friends? Read to find out! :)


2. We're meeting One Direction!?

Kelsey's POV

We've been driving for about 5 hours now and I have to pee! What the hell, where are we going?! Channa: "Seriously I'm hungry where are we going Jacob?" Jacob: "Do you guys really want to know?" Taylor: YES, just say it you asshole." Jacob: Man, now I regret taking you guys but I'm taking you to see....." Me: "ONE ERECTION!?" everyone started laughing. Jacob: "No...well actually yes One Direction!" Julia: "WHAT NO WAY I LOVE YOU." Taylor: "Oh my god. I'm going to see my Niall. HELL YES!" Woah, I can't believe I'll being seeing Louis and his bum. 

*10 minutes before the concert*
Julia's POV

Oh my god what is air. We will be seeing One Direction live in person! Ok I officially love my brother, he even got up front row seats and backstage passes. Wow, I'm really going to miss him. I was thinking about my brother leaving and I guess I was starting to tear up because Avery brushed away one of the tears. Avery: "Hey what's wrong?" Me: Oh um nothing, just excited for One Direction!" I can't believe I lied, I just didn't want to be embarrassed. Then suddenly the lights went down. Here it's goes my first ever One Direction concert. 

*After the concert*
Avery's POV

OH MY GOD THAT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER! Now we get to meet them oh my god I can't contain my excitement. I hope Julia is ok. I saw her crying before the concert but she said it was just because of One Direction. She's a horrid liar. 

Julia's POV

Ok that was a amazing concert. Now I get to see my soul mate. Harry Edward Styles. Woah, I'm obsessed. Channa: "Julia look there they are!!" I was so shocked I couldn't say anything. Everyone had left to see their "soul mates" while I just stood there awkwardly watching the Harry Styles staring at me. Harry: "Hi I'm Harry what's you name?" Me: Hi I'm Julia. Nice you meet you Harry!" Harry: "How are you? You look lovely tonight!" Ok seriously what is happening to me right now. Me: "I'm wonderful. Thank you you don't look to bad yourself." wow I'm lame. Paul: Ok boy we need to leave. I'm very sorry ladies." what the hell. They've been here for 10 minutes! Harry: "I'm very sorry! Here, take this. Bye love." he said while giving me my signed CD Julia: "Bye Harry!" wow 10 minutes with Harry Styles. BEST NIGHT EVER. 
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