Never Lose Hope

Julia is a normal teenage girl with four best friends living in California. They all absolutely love One Direction and when Julia's brother gets her tickets for their concert she gets more than she asks for. What do you think will happen to Julia and her friends? Read to find out! :)


1. Waste of my time

Julia's POV

Today was the day. The last day of this hell hole I call school. I never liked school because I wasn't popular or pretty enough for most people. My only friends were Taylor, Kelsey, Channa, and Avery, but they were all that I needed. I got ready and headed out the door when my brother stops me. Jacob: "Hey Julia, I'm going to pick you and your friends up from school I have a surprise." I was freaked out, he's never nice to me. Me: "Well ok I guess I'll make sure if it's okay with them." and with that I walked to school.

*Later at lunch*

I finally got a break from class and got to be with the people who actually understood me. Kelsey: "HEY JULIA OVER HERE COME SIT HERE!" I heard Kelsey scream so basically the whole school could hear. Me: "Oh my god Kelsey shut up maybe this is why people think we're annoying!" Everyone just laughed, immature people these days. I sat down and of course it was only my main friends, man I need to be popular. Me: So guys, my brother wants to take us somewhere after school, but I have no idea where." Channa: "You mean your incredibly sexy brother Jacob!?" Me: "Oh god. Do you guys want to go or not!?" Taylor: "Anything to get to your brother. Even though Niall is sexier." Avery: "HELL YES." Oh and did I mention we all are obsessed with One Direction? Ok not obsessed, dedicated. Me: "I can never get over how much I love Harry." Kelsey: "Yeah yeah yeah whatever you talk about him all day, but seriously what about Louis and his incredible bum." Channa: Ok but what about Zayn and his bad boy look?" Taylor: "You guys think wrong it's all about Niall and the NANDOS!" After a long and creepy conversation the school bell rang and school was finally over. I have to admit I was pretty excited for what my brother had planned. He's been acting pretty weird, but he probably just wants to spend time with me since he's going to college. Well at least I get to take his room! 

*After School* 
Avery's POV

We waited for about a hour for Julia's brother and he didn't show. I'm starting to get pissed off. Me: "Julia can't we just walk home!?"
Julia: No! My parents are at work and I have no key!" Taylor: Then what do we do!?" Then all of a sudden a black truck pulls up and Julia's brother hops out of the car. Wow show off. Julia: "Wait, Jacob why do you have new car!?" Jacob: What? We need it for where I'm taking you guys!" Julia just looked pissed. Julia: Oh my flacking god, let's just go then!" We all got into the car and drove for such the longest time. Me: How much longer!?" Channa: Avery it's been 20 minutes, calm down." Taylor: Yeah seriously Jacob I feel like I'm getting kidnapped. Plus I'm hungry! Where are we going?!" Jacob: "Oh you'll see.." Julia: "I swear this better be good. I don't want to waste my summer." 
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