All over the world

Jade,Bree and Harper are best friends who have allways dreamed of touring the world,they want to see the eitfflet tower,the egyptian pyramids,big ben,great barrier reef,empire state building,taj mahal,statue of libretey and christ the rendmeer in Rio.When they finally save up enough money they go to all of the places they want to go and they face many different problems and different experiences and adventures.


1. Work pays off


I walked into work this morning and saw Jade and Harper standing behind the counter "where have you been!?"asked Jade "you are half an hour late! we have been covering all your jobs here while you slept!"said Harper "im sorry guys,i missed the bus this morning,i promise i will make it up to you.Look ill put £2 in our saving pot"i said as i put £2 in our saving pot,we are all saving up to travel the world together "fine we forgive you" said Jade,i went out the kitchen and started to bake some cakes,we all work together in a cake shop called Cali's Cakes, Jade's mum owns the shop so she gave us all a job.I saw a customer approuch the cash register i was working at "hello welcome to Cali's Cakes may i take your order?"i asked in my friendly voice "i will have one chocolate fairy cake,one fairy cake with buttercream and one plain fairy cake"replied the customer "okay that will be £4 please"i announced as the customer gave me the money "im on table five,oh and keep the £1 change"replied the customer "thank you your cakes will be done soon"i said.I put a peice of paper on the orders list in the kitchen so Jade and Harper could make the cakes,i walked over to our saving pot and put the £1 in,we only needed £100 more pounds and we would be able to travel the world.After being in work for three hours Jade's mum Cali came in with our wadges "okay,Jade,Harper and Bree i have this months wadges for you"called Cali as she walked into the kitchen "here you go Jade,Harper and Bree,you each have £150 pounds"said Cali "OMG!we can finally afford our world trip!"i shrieked "yay! we are going on a world trip! we are going on a world trip!"sang Jade,Harper and me "hold on girls,are you forgetting somthing?you are still in high school doing you GCSE's you have to finish them befor you make travel plans"said Cali as we stopped singing.Cali was right we had to finish our GCSE's first "okay we will stay for the next month then we start our world tour in London"announced Jade and we all started smiling again.We are all so excited we are finally going on the trip we have allways dreamed of,we are finally going on our all around the world trip

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