All over the world

Jade,Bree and Harper are best friends who have allways dreamed of touring the world,they want to see the eitfflet tower,the egyptian pyramids,big ben,great barrier reef,empire state building,taj mahal,statue of libretey and christ the rendmeer in Rio.When they finally save up enough money they go to all of the places they want to go and they face many different problems and different experiences and adventures.


2. Preparing



I woke up early this morning because my phone was buzzing,today was the day me,Jade and Bree were going to fly to London.I walked over to my suitcase and checked if everything was there,it was.I went to my wardrobe and got out some black leggins,a purple vest top,a tracksuit top and a pair of trainers to put on,i was ready to go.I went downstairs for brekfast "goodmorning Harper,i have made you some toast"announced mum "thanks mum"i said as mum gave me some toast with jam "no need to make a fuss over her mum she is only going on a holiday around the world" moaned my younger sister Penny "don't be mean to your sister this is the last time you are going to see her for six weeks"said mum "im getting on the plane at 1:00pm so i have two hours,mum will you take me,Jade and Bree to the airport"i asked "of course"replied mum.I rushed back up to my room after brekfast to double check if i had everything.I definatly had everything and i was ready to go to London.


I grabbed my jeans,jumper,top and trainers out of the dressing room and put them on.I checked my suitcase one more time to make sure i had everything,i phoned Harper to see if she was ready "hi Harper,you ready?"i asked "yeah all packed and ready to go but i tried to phone Bree and she is not answering"responded Harper "i will try phoning her,bye"i said "bye"said Harper,i looked through my contacts for Bree's phone number.When i saw it i pressed it and the phone started the beeping noise "hi,Bree here sorry i can't get to the phone now im either in work or with my boyfriend leave a message"said the answer phone "or asleep"i mumbled,i don't know why she has not changed that answer phone message because she has broke up with her boyfriend Zachary because he was cheating on her with Nicole who used to be mine,Bree and Harper's other best friend before she dated Zachary,Bree was hart broken and she never spoke to anyone beside's me,Harper,her older sisters Jess and Kayley and her mum.Why was Bree not picking up her phone?She better not be sleeping,cause if she is then Harper is going to kill her cause this was the start of our world tour.


I was woken up at 11:30am by my older sisters Jess and Kayley "Bree!Bree wake up!your flight leaves in 1 hour and thirty minutes!"shouted Kayley "and you have two miss calls and fithteen texts from Harper and Jade!"shouted Jess as her and Kayley shook me trying to wake me up "no offence but i really hate sharing a room with you two!"i said as i sat up and rubbed my eyes.Then i realized what day it was today,i had not woken up when my alarm went off so i might be late for the flight to London.I looked at my clock luckly it was only 11:30am "help me grab all my things?!"i asked "okay"said Jess and Kayley "Kayley if you pack my clothes,Jess you pack my soap and things like that and my make up then i will pack everything else"i said.I ran to the desk to grab my phone and rung Harper "Bree!why were you not answering your phone just now?!"asked Harper "long story just come and pick me up in half an hour"i replied "okay"said Harper,she put down the phone and i carried on packing.After rushing around packing for 25 minutes we were done packing so i grabbed a pair of shorts,leggings,a pink top and some black converse,i quickly put on the clothes "im ready to go"i announced "have a good time"said Jess "we will miss you so much!"addmitted Kayley as i went and gave them a hug.I picked up my suitcase and rucksack.I walked downstairs and gave mum a goodbye hug "bye mum"i said "bye,love you"said mum "love you too"i replied as i walked outside.I saw Harper's mum's car with Harper and Jade inside,i put my suitcases in the boot and got into the back of the car next to Jade "who is ready to go to London?"shrieked Harper "us!"shrieked me and Jade.It took us an hour to get to the airport so when we got there it was time to get on the plane,we were the first ones on the plane so we got to sit in the best seats away from the toliets in a three seater "here we go!"i shrieked as the plane took of "shhh i wanna get some sleep Bree!"said Harper "me too"said Jade.They both fell asleep but i stayed up because i was so excited,we were finally leaving our homes in Cornwall and going on our world trip!

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