The Unforgettable

Cali hated her life. She dreaded every moment of it. When her parents go through a tragic divorce, resulting in a drastic move for Cali, she's forced to start all over in life. Not knowing anyone, Cali starts her new life hard. Can a boy turn Cali's life around? Read to find out!


2. What Are The Odds?

I woke up to the sun shining on my face through the tiny airplane window. How awkward, I never pictured myself falling asleep on a plane, with everyone staring at me. I glanced over at my mom on her laptop. She looked so happy. She smiled at me. “Good morning, sleeping beauty”, she looked at her watch,“the plane should be landing in about 10, 15 minutes.” I yawned. “Hmmm. Okie dokie.” I looked at my phone. 13 new messages. 3 from Ryan, the other 10 from Maci. Ryan was my ex, who was so drastically in love with me. On the other hand, Maci was my bestfriend, practically my sister. It was 12:28 pm here, after I changed the time difference on my phone. I had no idea what the time was in Florida, so I didn't bother answering either one of their texts back. “The plane is now entering Bradford airport. Thank you for flying with US Airlines”, boomed the intercom. I grumbled & rolled my eyes, “Finalllllyyy.” My mom laughed, “Oh hush. You were asleep most of the time.” My mom sprang up, & so did I. Once again, my mom did everything, & I just stood there like a potato. The car wouldn't be here for another 3 days, so we had to rent one. The ride to the house/apartment we were staying at was only about 10 minutes. I looked out the window at everything. It was gorgeous. Everyone looked so happy. The only emotion Floridians know is how to be a total bitc- “Look honey, we're here!”, my mom cut off my thoughts. My jaw dropped. It was huge. I felt like a little kid sitting at a Christmas tree, indulging on the presents. I can't believe I was staying here. We pulled into one of the parking spaces & unloaded all of our stuff. My mom went in first & I followed. I was practically squealing when we walked in. “Michelle & Cali Dawkins”, my mom said cheerfully to the manager. “Ah, right here. Your room is E-34, top floor.” I was dying inside. Top floor?! I could feel myself drooling. I hit the elevator button & my mom stepped in first. She then hit the button labeled “E” & we waited shortly. I couldn't wait to see the room. “...30, 31, 32, 33, 34. Right here, E-34.” I shut my eyes & slid the card through the slot. I turned the handle & swung the door open. I heard my mom squeak. “What?! What is- holy..” I was speechless. The room was totally unbelievable. Red ruby curtains draped the windows. A 52" flat screen tv sat in the middle of the living room. I walked in further. My jaw dropped to the ground. My own room? Seriously? Wait. My own bathroom? Shut. Up. I squealed & ran in & plopped down on the bed. “That's not what you should be doing on the first day here. Go on. Go explore the streets. They have a mall, ya' know. Just take your phone, I'll check on you often,” my mom smiled at me. I hugged her tight, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She laughed, “Okay, Cali! Okay! You're welcome! Now go on!” I grabbed my phone & $50 dollars, just in case. I put in my headphones & turned on some music. I was so happy, I didn't even remember there was an elevator so I just ran down the stairs. Nothing could ruin my mood. “I'm telling you guys, I look sexy in red, see-” Just then I hit something, resulting in me falling down the rest of the stairs. Luckily, there were only about 5 more. “Ughhh.” I heard the sound of laughter. Great. British jerks. Someone rushed down the stairs, followed by 2 more. “Are you okay?” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, whateve-” I looked into his eyes. He was gorgeous. And, I don't think he was a total butthole. He smiled. “I'm Zayn.” I blushed, “I'm C-Cali.” He smirked, “American, eh? It's not everyday you see a beautiful girl fall down the stairs.” I laughed, “ I wouldn't exactly say beautiful.” Suddenly, I remembered I was holding my phone in my hand. I looked at the shattered screen. “Shit...”, Zayn said, looking at me, “I'm really sorry. Do you have another one?” I laughed hysterically. “Yeah, because I'm just a normal person that has two phones in my pocket.” Zayn's face went straight. I stopped laughing, “Why.. do you?” Zayn smirked, “Duh.” He winked. Why did I feel all mushy inside? What are the odds that I'm crushing on him? “You can have mine, or we can go buy a new one”, Zayn looked at me with his deep brown eyes. “Forreal? You're just going to hand me your phone & say I can have it?” He laughed, “Sure. So how long ya' been here?” I pondered, “About 20 minutes.” His eyebrow shot up, “Is that so? How about we go for a stroll, & I'll show you around?” I could feel butterflies fluttering inside me. “I'd love to.” Zayn grabbed my hand, “Well, let's go”, he smiled.
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