The Unforgettable

Cali hated her life. She dreaded every moment of it. When her parents go through a tragic divorce, resulting in a drastic move for Cali, she's forced to start all over in life. Not knowing anyone, Cali starts her new life hard. Can a boy turn Cali's life around? Read to find out!


1. My Worst Nightmare

“Cali, are you almost done packing? The plane leaves in 20 minutes!”, my mom shouted from the hallway. “Yeah, one sec!”, I grumbled. I hated this so much. Not just packing, but moving. Why did my dad have to be so stupid & cheat on my mom? It's already bad enough I'm the only child. While I'm leaving Florida with my mom, my dads enjoying his life all the way in California, with his wife & kids, a.k.a “the second family”. I hated him. I never thought I could imagine him with another woman, until I found out he had another family for 2, going on 3 years. All because of this, my mom is forcing me to move to Bradford, England with her. I'm 17. I can take care of myself. But no. My mom insisted it was “best” for me. She's always trying to make choices for me, but quite frankly she doesn't know one thing about me. I don't think anything is best for me right now. Nothing's going right. Especially not this day & time. “Cali, you're so slow. I'm leaving you”, my mom shouted through the kitchen. “Kay, go ahead. That's what I wanted, right?”, I smirked. My mom hissed, “That's not what I meant Cali, & you know I'm not going to deal with your bull today.” She came in my room. I was just finishing packing my necessities, such as my headphones, phone charger, makeup, the occasional girl extras. “Okay, I'm done. I guess.” My mom snorted, “You better make sure you didn't leave anything, because it'll be a day in hell if I have to come all the way across the world to get it.” I laughed, “Oh, joy.” She looked at me worriedly. “Cali, let's go. It'll be okay. I promise.” She kissed my forehead. I sighed. “Hm, okay.” I unplugged my iPhone & stuck it in the back pocket of the bright red skinny jeans I was wearing. I was also wearing a UK flag tank top, to lighten the mood. I wheeled my suitcases to the car, shut the door tight, & plopped in the front seat. I looked in the car mirror at myself. I didn't even recognize the girl with the long brown hair that was staring at me. I put my headphones in as we arrived at the airport. My mom did everything, except for my walking. I just stood there, most of the time. After about 10 minutes of wasting good time, we finally got on the plane. I took the window seat, of course, & looked out the window at the pink sky. It reminded me of how my dad used to say it was cotton candy when I was little. I immediately shook that thought from my mind. I slouched down in my seat & closed my eyes. All I could think of was that this is truly my worst nightmare.
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