Niall find himself head over heels for one of One Directions biggest fans, Kaylaunny. But what happens when Harry insults Kaylaunny's best friend? Things don't get too good for Niall and his chances, and he becomes torn between seeing Kaylaunny about once a year, or staying in the band with his best mates.


1. Burger King


Kaylaunny's P.O.V


I laid in bed for four hours before finally going to sleep. I was seeing One Direction live in concert. All I dreamt about that night was that one of the boys actually fancied me. "Kayla! Get up we have to get ready!" Mandy said. She was my best friend, and had slept over last night before so we could go to the sound check and then the concert together. She was a morning person, and had obviously slept all night- I, on the other hand, could sleep all day if I wanted, and only slept for about 3 hours. I groaned and grabbed my pillow over my head. "Kayla. We only have 2 hours until we have to leave. Its already 9." I groaned and slowly got up to face Mandy.


I held my hands out to her and said, "Help me up."


she smirked "uhh, no. Get up yourself! You have legs, use them!"


I rolled out of bed and walked up to my mirror. My brown hair stuck up from all directions on the top of my head and the bags under my eyes were noticeable. "Ew." I mumbled. I pulled my hair from its bun and brushed it out. It was still straight from me flat ironing it yesterday. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed


"Oh come on, Kaylaunny! Get dressed!" Mandy said, she was already dressed, and stood right beside me, doing her makeup. Mandy really didn't need it though. She was beautiful. I wouldn't be surprised if Harry Styles pulled her backstage. I walked over to my wordrobe and pulled out 'rock star' shorts and my favorite pink tank top. I slipped on my sandals and walked back over to Mandy. She wore her hair straight, and her blonde hair was layered perfectly over her back, she had on alot of makeupon, but it wasn't very dark. It looked good on her. I smiled.


"You look bootiful." I said. she giggled,


"Thank you my love." She said. We weren't lesbian, we just acted like we were because we were that close. She twirled my hair around her finger, "Hmmm, can I do your hair? makeup?" She asked.


"Of course!" I said. She always did my hair and makeup when she came over, and it always looked amazing. I sat down and I let her make me look good. She curled my hair, and did my makeup just like hers. We finally got in the car and made our way towards the long line that went into the arena where they played. The line looked long, and i was getting hungry. "Hey Mandy,"


"Yeah?" She said. She flashed me a smile.


"Im hungry. Ill be over across the street at burger king. Do you want anything?"


"A vanilla shake pleeease" She said. I nodded and started my walk. I'm not a total fangirl, so when I saw a group of screaming girls huddled close to a door to a hotel, I didn't stop and look to see if One Direction was there. I entered the restaurant and to my surprise, no one was there. I bet there normal customers were either waiting for One Direction, or sleeping. 


"Good morning can I have a medium fry and a large vanilla shake?" 


"Is that all?" the cashier said. I nodded and she handed me my change. I sat down and waited for my food. Just as I did, I saw the door open and in popped Paul. One Directions security guard. My heart started pounding. If Paul was here, then so is...


"Finally I'm starving!"

"Niall wasn't the meal at the hotel enough?" "That foods gross."

"Niall you fat ass." 


My stomach got butterflies as I watched Niall, Louis, and Harry enter the burger king. They walked up to the cashier just as she had gathered my food together. She nodded at me, "Your food ma'am." I walked up with as much sass as i could, flipped my hair and grabbed my food. I smiled at the lady, and she smiled back. I made eye contact with Niall for a split second then walked away, slowly. I turned around once to see Niall tapping Harry's shoulder and pointing to me. I smiled at them and tried to act as cool as I could. Even though my stomach was so full of butterflies I thought I would pass out. I guess I was focusing so much at being cool and collective, I wasn't paying attention and I ran right into the wall. I fell into a never ending pit of darkness.

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