A Chance For Love (Stopped)

*Ok before you read the description I just wanted to say that this was my first story and well.....I got bored with it so I stopped writing. But I decided to keep it up anyways.*

Description: Kate and Cat were just normal girls who loved One Direction. One night though they were at a movie theater when they suddenly bump into a boy with curly hair, Harry Styles, from One Direction. Not long after that all of the guys appear in front of them. Cat had always loved Zayn, but she suddenly starts to fall for Louis. Kate had always loved Harry but when she finds out that Niall also likes her, will she have a change of heart? Later on they both find them selves in a horrible love situation, which would ended up breaking two hearts. But will one of the broken hearts be fixed due to a trip to the hospital? Who is involved? Who does Kate and Cat Love? Who will Kate and Cat choose? Will they choose wisely? Read to find out more! :D

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5. Torn

Zayn's POV

Wow, watching a movie with Cat was just incrediable. I absolutely was IN LOVE with her. I needed to tell her before I lost the chance. I new this wold be a challenge because of Louis but I just had to win her over so I got up and went to Liam's room for some advise.


Liam's POV

I heard the knob of my door start to move I quickly looked up from my phone to see Zayn standing in the doorway. He asked if he could come in and I said he could. He looked a little sad and desperate. I asked what was wrong and he said Cat.

Me: "What about Cat?"

Zayn: "Well....ummmm. I REALLY like her but I can tell that Louis has taken a liking towards her and I've never felt this way about any girl and I really want her to be mine. So how can I win her over without rushing things?"

Me: "Well.....I have an idea. I'll invite her to hang out tomorrow with just you and me. Then I'll leave because "something important came up" and then I'll let you two talk and hang out on your own. I just don't think its the best idea for you to ask to hang out with her one on one especially because she already knows that you like her. I just think that this way, she'll think of it as just some friends hanging out together."

Zayn: "That sounds like an awesome idea! I knew I could always count on you to have great ideas and advise!"

He stood up and quickly gave me a hug and he thanked me. Zayn then left the room and I decided to text Cat and ask her if she wanted to hang out with just me and Zayn. She replied to my text. She said, "Yeah! that sounds fun!" I could tell already that this plan would probably work.


Zayn's POV

After I left Liam's room I went down stairs to finish watching the movie with the others. When I got downstairs I found Cat sleeping on Louis's shoulder. Louis was awake and watched her sleep. Harry was fast asleep on the couch, while Kate and Niall were making out on the couch. Wow, that was fast. I can't believe that Niall and her were already making out. Well I think Niall had finally found his princess I thought to myself. I decided to sit down and finish watching the movie. Within minutes I had fallen asleep.

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