A Chance For Love (Stopped)

*Ok before you read the description I just wanted to say that this was my first story and well.....I got bored with it so I stopped writing. But I decided to keep it up anyways.*

Description: Kate and Cat were just normal girls who loved One Direction. One night though they were at a movie theater when they suddenly bump into a boy with curly hair, Harry Styles, from One Direction. Not long after that all of the guys appear in front of them. Cat had always loved Zayn, but she suddenly starts to fall for Louis. Kate had always loved Harry but when she finds out that Niall also likes her, will she have a change of heart? Later on they both find them selves in a horrible love situation, which would ended up breaking two hearts. But will one of the broken hearts be fixed due to a trip to the hospital? Who is involved? Who does Kate and Cat Love? Who will Kate and Cat choose? Will they choose wisely? Read to find out more! :D

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4. Sleepover & Scary Movie

Niall's POV

OMG I am completely pissed off at Harry for kissing her. He knew I loved her, but then again he was dared too.....but still he always got the girls and I wanted her. I then felt the feeling of jealousy boiling up inside me, but I tried to calm myself down because I don't want to do something stupid that will make her hate me.

Kate: "Well......Cat and I should probably be heading home now, it's getting really late".

Me: "Awwww......don't go. PLEASEEEEE...." I begged. "You and Cat can sleepover here if you want. The boys should be fine with it".

Harry: "That's fine"

Zayn: "That's cool with me"

Liam: "Sure why not?!"

Louis: "What the hell....of course you can! SLEEPOVER!!!!!!" he shouted and started dancing like and idiot. The rest of us just laughed as we watched him dance around.

Louis: "Hey! Stop judging me!"

Liam: "Sorry Lou, but its just too funny. There's noway anyone could not laugh at this!"

Liam: "Well....I'm going to go to bed now. Good night everyone"

Everyone else: "Night Liam"

Cat: "So now what???"

Louis & Zayn: "Let's watch a movie" they shouted as they ran a jumped onto the couch. I couldn't help but laugh a little.

Zayn: "So what would you like to watch love?" he said while turning towards Cat. 

Cat: "Umm....I don't know....what is there to watch?"

Zayn: "Ummm....let's see......The Orphan, Unstoppable, and a DVD with a bunch of episodes of Criminal Minds".

Cat: "Umm, I guess we can watch The Orphan"

I then realized Kate had become tense. I asked her everything was alright. She said that had see the movie trailer for it and that she got scared. I told her that she could sit next to me and that I would 'protect' her. She laughed a little when I had said 'protect', but she accepted my offer. Louis put the disk in and we all went to sit down. Cat, Zayn, and Louis was on one couch with Cat in the middle. Then Harry, Kate, and I sat on one. I had decided to run to the couch, so I could sit in the middle so I could have Kate all to myself  and not have to share her with Harry. This plan actually worked. Except when Harry came over he seemed upset that I had taken the middle because I could tell that he had wanted to sit next to her. I just shrugged it off and started watching the movie with Kate next to me. The beginning was fine but as we got more into the movie I felt that Kate started to tense up again. She came even closer to me and put her head on my shoulder. It felt so right. But I knew it probably wouldn't last long because of Harry.


Kate's POV

As the movie continued, I got more scared and ended up putting my head on Niall's shoulder. He looked down at me, smiled, then picked his head up and continued to watch the movie. I then started to try to watch the movie a little bit myself. I had then suddenly realized that Harry had his eyes on me. His eyes seemed to be full anger, but why? I din't understand what was making him upset. I asked Harry if he was ok, and he said he was, but I could tell something was bothering him.


Harry's POV

Kate had her head on Niall's shoulder. She had suddenly realized that I had been staring at her and Niall. She asked me if I was ok. I said that I was, but on the inside I really wasn't. I mean how could Niall do this to me. First he sits in the middle so I can't sit next to her. Then he ends up with her head on his shoulders. I was feeling completely jealous, but at the same time as this I started to having another feeling. For some reason now I felt as if my heart had just shattered into pieces because I could tell that she had taken a liking towards Niall.

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