A Chance For Love (Stopped)

*Ok before you read the description I just wanted to say that this was my first story and well.....I got bored with it so I stopped writing. But I decided to keep it up anyways.*

Description: Kate and Cat were just normal girls who loved One Direction. One night though they were at a movie theater when they suddenly bump into a boy with curly hair, Harry Styles, from One Direction. Not long after that all of the guys appear in front of them. Cat had always loved Zayn, but she suddenly starts to fall for Louis. Kate had always loved Harry but when she finds out that Niall also likes her, will she have a change of heart? Later on they both find them selves in a horrible love situation, which would ended up breaking two hearts. But will one of the broken hearts be fixed due to a trip to the hospital? Who is involved? Who does Kate and Cat Love? Who will Kate and Cat choose? Will they choose wisely? Read to find out more! :D

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8. Confusion & True Love

Kate's POV

I just realized that I had told Harry that I loved him. I'm pretty sure my heart is on him, but deep inside I feel like I might have feelings for Niall. OMG I'm so confused now.

Harry: "Soo....umm.....do you want to be my girlfriend?" he asks somewhat quietly. I slowly looked up at him and smiled.

Me: "Yes! Yes Harry! I'll be your girlfriend". I nearly fell when he leaped in to give me a hug. I then found us having a total make out session again.


Harry's POV

YES! She said yes! I'm so happy now, especially now knowing that she's my girl and no one can take here away from me. I can't help but keep smiling at her. I then suggested we go downstairs and tell the others, so they at least know. We walked downstairs hand in hand. When we walked in the kitchen I heard Louis yell, "ooooo....the love birds have arrived!". I immediately blushed and looked at Kate. I could tell that she was blushing too. But it didn't matter because she was now my girlfriend and we were both in love with each other and nothing could stop us from each other's love.


Zayns POV

When Harry and Kate came into the kitchen I had noticed that they were holding hands. I could tell that after what Louis had just said, I could tell that both of them were just blushing and smiling. I knew that something must have happened when she went to talk to Harry. I'm guessing that within that talk Harry asked her out and she said yes. But wait, what about Niall. I knew that Niall had also had taken a huge liking towards her.

Me: "So Harry....are you and Kate...like....dating???"

Harry: "Yuppp. She's now my girlfriend" he said proudly. I could tell that he was extremely happy, but I knew that when Niall would find out, he would be heart broken and upset. God, I really wish she didn't have to deal with two people having a crush on her. WAIT, that's the problem with me and Cat. I like her but Louis also likes her. OMG I just remembered that Liam, Cat and I were going to go out for lunch. I better get ready. Oh God, I hope she likes me. This is just one big mess right now. Harry and Niall both like Kate and Louis and I both like Cat. This probably isn't going to end well.

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