A Chance For Love (Stopped)

*Ok before you read the description I just wanted to say that this was my first story and well.....I got bored with it so I stopped writing. But I decided to keep it up anyways.*

Description: Kate and Cat were just normal girls who loved One Direction. One night though they were at a movie theater when they suddenly bump into a boy with curly hair, Harry Styles, from One Direction. Not long after that all of the guys appear in front of them. Cat had always loved Zayn, but she suddenly starts to fall for Louis. Kate had always loved Harry but when she finds out that Niall also likes her, will she have a change of heart? Later on they both find them selves in a horrible love situation, which would ended up breaking two hearts. But will one of the broken hearts be fixed due to a trip to the hospital? Who is involved? Who does Kate and Cat Love? Who will Kate and Cat choose? Will they choose wisely? Read to find out more! :D

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10. Cat & Zayn...Together & Heartbreak?

Zayn's POV

After we FINALLY kissed I had noticed that Liam was starring at us through the window. I glared at him and he quickly turned away just to see him get into Eleanor's car. Cat and I then thought that it would be a good idea to head back home to our place. When we got into the car, we were both silent but smiling. Honestly all I was thinking about was about what would happen to us and how Louis might take all of this in, especially the kiss.

Me: "So are we like dating now????"

Cat: "Well...umm...I guess so...if you want to"

Me: "Of course I'd love to!

Cat: "Are you sure. I mean don't get me wrong...I would love to be your girlfriend, but there are so many girls our there who are much more prettier than me"

I couldn't believe she was doubting her beauty. She really thought that she wasn't that pretty. To me though she was PERFECT. She was absolutely gorgeous and I would make sure she knew that.

Me: "Are you serious!? You are the most BEAUTIFUL girls I've ever met. I really want to be with you. No matter what you think, I think you are just GORGEOUS and nothing in my heart or mind would change that!"

All she could do was slightly blush as she smiled and looked down. She was so shy and doubted her beauty…but why?


Cat's POV

I really would LOVE to date Zayn, but he could never love a girl like me. I'm not that pretty and there are so many more girls out in the world who are much more prettier than me who would love to date them. However as soon as Zayn started to tell me that I was really truly beautiful I felt a little change in me. I felt as if I started to believe more in what he said rather than believe what I see in the mirror. He really truly was  an amazing and nice person. I wanted to spend every minute with him. I just realized though that even though I REALLY love Zayn, Louis would be crushed to see us together. I really don't want to break Louis' heart. I knew though, that if I didn't choose soon, there would be fights, sadness and heart break. I don't think I would be able to deal with it. I decided that I'll just say yes to Zayn and tell Louis as soon as I see him. I would rather have him be told than to find out by seeing Zayn and I together.

Me: "Zayn…"

Zayn: "Yes?"

Me: "I would love to got out with you and be your girlfriend" I said a little to happy.

I looked at him. I could see he was smiling so much, that I could have sworn that his mouth could fall off.


Zayn's  POV

OMG, she actually said yes to me! I start to get the feeling that my life is complete and that I had finally found the missing piece the puzzle of my life. I just love her so much, but I know Louis will be extremely jealous. I hope Cat knows how Louis is going to react.

We finally pulled into the driveway at the boys & my place. As soon as we walked in hand in hand, I could tell everyone turned around in shock. They just stopped what they were doing and just stared. I got a little scared by this, by I somehow managed to tell them to stop looking at us. They finally snapped out of it and went back to what they were doing. I noticed that Harry was sitting on the couch with Kate sitting on him and cuddling. Awww, they were just so cute together. Not long later did Louis enter the room. When he entered he didn't see me and Cat holding hands...thank god. I then let go of her hand so her wouldn't suspect anything. Cat then walked up to him and told him something. She told me she would be right back and went with Louis somewhere…but where? I realized that she probably wanted to talk to Louis about us now dating. I decided that I would just sit down and watch TV with Harry and Kate.


Louis's POV

As I entered the room I saw that Kate was cuddled into Harry….awwww...they were so adorable together. I wish that Cat and I could be like that. I really like her a lot. I know though that she's going to probably have to choose whether she wants to be with me or Zayn. I know its probably going to be hard for her. I then noticed that Cat started to walk over towards me. She asked if we could talk in another room, I had said yes, and we walked up to my room. We both sat on my bed and she began talking.

Cat: "Look...Louis you're a really great guy and all…..it's just that…...well...ummmm….."

OMG just finish already. I really wanted to know what she was going to say.

Cat: "I'm going out with Zayn…."

I swore my heart just shattered into pieces when she said that. I was devastated. I really thought she loved me.

Cat: "...Louis...this doesn't mean I don't like you. I do like you, but just as a friend. I really hope I didn't hurt you too much. It's just I realized what was going on...well...sort of. Anyway I just started to fall for Zayn more and started to feel more sparks between him and I. I'm really sorry Louis, I hope we can still be friends".


Cat's POV

I really felt horrible having to tell Louis all of this to his face, but I think that it was the right thing to do. I didn't think that the secret of Zayn and I should be hidden. He just nods and I go over and give him a big hug and then I get up and leave the room. I then head down the stairs to tell Zayn what happened.

Louis's POV:

I really wish that we could be more than friends, but if she's already dating Zayn, I'll just have to try to forget her and just take advantage of the fact that she still wants to be friends. I just nod. She then gives me a big hug and then leaves my room to go downstairs. I just get up off my bed. I was about to close my bedroom door, when I started to hear crying. I went into the hallway. I suddenly realized that the crying was coming from Niall's room, but why. I walk over to his door.

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