A Chance For Love (Stopped)

*Ok before you read the description I just wanted to say that this was my first story and well.....I got bored with it so I stopped writing. But I decided to keep it up anyways.*

Description: Kate and Cat were just normal girls who loved One Direction. One night though they were at a movie theater when they suddenly bump into a boy with curly hair, Harry Styles, from One Direction. Not long after that all of the guys appear in front of them. Cat had always loved Zayn, but she suddenly starts to fall for Louis. Kate had always loved Harry but when she finds out that Niall also likes her, will she have a change of heart? Later on they both find them selves in a horrible love situation, which would ended up breaking two hearts. But will one of the broken hearts be fixed due to a trip to the hospital? Who is involved? Who does Kate and Cat Love? Who will Kate and Cat choose? Will they choose wisely? Read to find out more! :D

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11. 2 Times the Tears & Heartbreak


Louis's POV   

Once I reached Niall's room I slowly opened the door to find Niall crying on his bed. I wondered why Niall was crying. I went over to him and began to ask him what was going on.     

Me: "Niall mate, why are you crying?"     

Niall: "I-I-It's K-Kate….."     

Me: "What about Kate?"     

Niall: "Well…..umm….she's dating Harry now….I'm just really heartbroken by the fact that she loved Harry over me. I've loved her ever since the first day I saw her".     

Me: "Aww….I'm sorry Niall, and I know how if feels.." I said sighing.     

Niall: "What do you mean Lou?"     

Me: "Well umm….I walked downstairs and I saw that Zayn and Cat were back. She asked if she could talk to me in another room. So we went into my room to talk. Once were in my room she said that she was dating Zayn…." I said nearly tearing up.  

Niall: "I'm sorry mate. I guess we'll just be the single 'twins'" he said jokingly.     

Niall and I just sat there for awhile in silence. We both then decided to turn the TV on in his room.     

Niall's POV  

I had been crying for awhile now ever since I found out that Kate and Harry were dating. I was just crushed by hearing that. I was then interrupted by a sad looking Louis. He asked why I was crying. I explained everything, and he said that he was sorry about what happened with Kate and I and that he knew what that feeling felt like. I then became confused. I asked him what he was talking about. I noticed that his face expression started to look more sad. He explained everything about Cat and Zayn. I felt really bad for him because I could tell that he had never fallen for a girl this much.     


Sorry for the really short chapter. I will keep trying to update whenever I can. I also have school though. I've been able to update though because I don't have much homework today, so I thought that I would write more. It would be great if you could share this with some of your friends and also tell me what you think about it. I would really like to know what you think.

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