The Break Up Diary

This story is to help you get through any break-ups


1. Prologue

Break ups hurt. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not a lot. It depends how much you loved them. Sometimes when the person you love dumps you, for what ever reason, you can feel like you're in a nightmare. That's how I feel like now. Trapped in a nightmare. 

"Love gives someone the power to break you"

On Monday night was when he dumped me. My boyfriend dumped me. It ended so quickly. I cried. I cried even more the next day when it had sunk in. He begged for me to take him back. But he had his last chance, it wasn't the first time he had dumped me. A girl can be hurt only so many times before they are broken enough to no longer forgive you. It hurts even more when your boyfriend doesn't dump you nicely, especially when he doesn't say sorry. You immediately feel jealous of every single girl who gets dumped nicely. It hurts so much when they break their promises. 

It hurts so much to wake up in the morning. I sometimes wish I could be asleep forever. Never have to wake up to pain. My family think I'm happy, it's only because I'm good at acting. 

So this is my break up diary. 

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