Best Friends Don't Fight

One Direction was having a great day, but then they get into a fight and break apart.


1. Beach Brake Up

Hey Harry, why are getting up? Because I need a drink! Oh well can you get me something too? Sure. Hey guys who stole my song because I found this on the beach this mornring? Said Zayn. None of us did. Well someone had to. Maybe you just dropped it. No someone stole it. You know what I'm leaving said Zayn. Me too. Fine I guess I will leave. Well I guess it's just me and you Liam. No I am leaving too. Because if 2 people are in a fight then one direction is too. One Direction is broken direction. Huh? Well then that was a fun 5 minutes.

Harry Harry HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I am sleeping. You need to go talk to Loui and Zayn. There still fighting about yesterday, please go talk to them. Fine. So Harry talked to them and everybody made up.
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