Stole my heart - fanfic one :D


A fanfic about Harrys life as a husband to be and how he and his fionce cope with the pressure. Zayn has some struggles of his own as his girl friend become pregnant and their baby is delivered, well lets just say at the most unexcpected time. Louis, Liam and Niall become best men, and are given the task of being thre for Harry. Will it get too uch for them, or will they come through when their needed? FIRST FANFIC, MORE SEQUALS :D hope you like beautifuls, mwah :**:


14. She doesn't want me to be happy...

Part 14 - She doesn’t want me to be happy.

'Ill be back in a minute' I shouted in Harry’s ear, and he nodded in reply as we couldn’t hear each other over the music blasting out of the speakers.
I wandered into the toilets, pulling the frills and lace on my dress behind me, to hear quiet sobbing coming from a cubicle.
'Hello?' I tapped on the door and someone sniffled.
'Alicia?' I recognised the sniffle after a thought.
'What?' she said stubbornly.
'What’s up?' I asked.
'Louis!' she unlocked the door and flung it backwards, showing her heart broken face and red eyes.
'What’s he done?' I asked, and she explained everything that had happened with him and her and her mum.
'Well, talk to him?’ I suggested, sorting out her make up and re doing all her mascara and foundation since she was too shaky.
'I tried, I messed it up' she sighed, almost starting to cry again.
'Look, just enjoy the night with the rest of us, and we'll talk in the morning at breakfast?' I smiled, leading her back out where she joined Chelsea and Niall.
'She okay?' Harry asked when I went back to him and Louis.
'She’s fine' I grinned, giving Louis a bit of a look.

'So, you had fun last night then?' Niall winked at Harry who just exchanged looks with Paige and a cute chuckle.
'Hmmmm' I laughed.
'Look, none of your business dude' Harry punched him playfully then got up to get some more bacon.
I noticed all our drunken friends wobbling along to eat breakfast, half asleep and droopy eyes. I also saw a pretty looking tall girl heading over to Louis with the sort of look girls put on when their about to flirt. I only knew that because it was the same look Delaney always gave me!
'Paige!' I hissed and kicked her leg under the table.
'Ouch!' she screamed, drawing attention to us both.
'What?' she whispered when the people had stopped looking.
'Look at Louis and that girl, I don’t trust her; she looks familiar' I frowned.
'Want me to go say something?' she went anyway, and squealed.
'What is it?!' I breathed
'Rebecca Fergusson!' she screamed quietly.

Maybe flirting with other girls with get Alicia jealous? Maybe, but I can’t do it! I love her too much to move on. I looked over Rebecca’s shoulders and she was happily playing Pattie-Cake with Tommy and laughing at Niall.
'Hey' she flickered her hair awkwardly and I waved back.
'So, why are you here? You look nice' this girl was insane.
‘It was Harry’s wedding' I said, not making eye contact with her at all, collecting my bacon and eggs.
'And he’s my boyfriend' I heard a voice from behind her, and I sighed with relief.
'Excuse me?' Rebecca stood with one hand on her hip and an attitude.
'I said he’s my boyfriend, so back off before I rip your head off' Alicia threatened.
All of a sudden, and sausage came flying across the room, hitting the lunatic in the nose, followed shortly by Chelsea’s mischievous giggle.
'What the!?' she screamed.
'If you don’t get gone, ill call the hotel lobby. He’s mine not yours, whether he likes it or not. You weren’t even invited to the wedding!' Alicia chuckled, pushing past her and planting a passionate kiss on my lips. I could feel my cheeks flushing and the smile formed against her mouth.
'Urg!' Miss. Mental huffed and clomped out of the room, stepping on the sausage and whining as she did.
'My mum can’t tell me who I date and who I don’t. If I love you, then ill stay... Dont you ever forget that your mine!' there was a pause to see if she went, thankfully she didn’t!
'I love you, always have' I grinned, kissing her again, longer this time and tender as my heart.
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