Stole my heart - fanfic one :D


A fanfic about Harrys life as a husband to be and how he and his fionce cope with the pressure. Zayn has some struggles of his own as his girl friend become pregnant and their baby is delivered, well lets just say at the most unexcpected time. Louis, Liam and Niall become best men, and are given the task of being thre for Harry. Will it get too uch for them, or will they come through when their needed? FIRST FANFIC, MORE SEQUALS :D hope you like beautifuls, mwah :**:


12. Sandwiches, cakes and drunken men...

Part 12 - Sandwichs, cakes and drunken men...

'Niall, save some food for the rest of us!' Harry moaned and grabbed the plate of sandwhichs and sausage rolls away from me.
'You can have some of it, i need some air' i patted my stomach, kissed Chelseas forehead as i got up and lifted Tommy off his feet to go play outside with him. He giggled and screamed and i chased him round the outside lawn for a while until i was tired and too warm.
'Your such a child' Alicia joked when i came back in.
'No im not' i protested, until i saw th cakes on the tables,'cakkee!!' i shouted and grabbed two, taking a bte out of each everytime i did.
'My point is clear' she whispered, shaking her head and giggling.
'Thats why we all love him' Chelsea smiled, cuddling up to me.
'Aww, i love you' i grinned, putting abit of cream on her nose.

'So were going to ask everyone to wait outside or in the bar while we arrange the night for the party, okay?' the woman smiled at me so i took Paiges hand and dragged her outside, help her get all her dress through the tiny french doors.
'You really do look stunning today' i compliamented.
'Might i say the same about you' she blushed.
'So whats happening after all this?' i escorted her to the lawn for more pictures and whispered, trying to keep the smile going for my mums camera.
'What do you mean?' she replied.
'Where do we go?' i questioned.
'What ever happens, we go through it together' she trned to face me just as my mum took another picture.
'Im lucky' i whispered, then kissed her softly on the lips. I felt her mums camera flash burn into the side of our faces.
'Why are you lucky?' she started walking away, pulling me along with her.
'I have you?' i stated.
'Yeah, but Harry, have you seen yourself? Your absolutly gorgeous, your a heart throb with every girl over to world, you could have absolutly anyone! So why me?' she looked down to the ground in shame.
'Have you heard yourself? I dont want any other kind of girl! I want a girl who knows me better than anyone else, and doesnt just date me because im famous! I want someone i can talk to like their my bestfriend, and someone who can cheer me up with just one look' i smiled, and she looked me right in the eyes, her orbs stinging mine.
'But any girl could do that if you got to know them?' she protested.
'After a while yeah, but i feel like ivw known you my whole life, just shh and say "Im perfect and i love Harry"' i giggled.
'Im perfect and i love Harry millions' she sighed, then smiled and kissed me.
'Come on, lets get back to the others, they'll be wondering where we are' i smiled and forced her onto my back so i could piggy back her there.

'Zayn and Farhana okay?' Louis smiled and took a sip from his beer.
'Yeah, their fine, Farhanas asleep and Zayns really tired he said' i replied.
'Good' he smiled, downed the last and put it down just in time as Tommy bounded over and jumped into his arms.
'Daddy, when are we going to get a drink? Im thirsty' Tommy moaned.
'Do you want me to take him for a drink?' Alicia offered and Louis suggested he go.
'Why don’t you both just go?' i laughed, and they agreed, Tommy running ahead as fast as his little legs would go.
'Hey Liam' Niall smiled and came to sit next to me.
'Hi, you full after those cakes and stuff?' i laughed.
'Surprisingly not!' he chuckled.
'Good, cause there’s a barbeque thing later tonight' his face immediately perked up and he smiled.
'Yayy!!' he squealed.

Amber was beautiful. Her nose little nose, tiny delicate hands that wrapped round my finger tightly for protection. Those sweet small feet and pea size toes, with her chubby legs and soft pale skin. I was lucky to be the father of such an angel, and was lucky to share her with Farhana...
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