Stole my heart - fanfic one :D


A fanfic about Harrys life as a husband to be and how he and his fionce cope with the pressure. Zayn has some struggles of his own as his girl friend become pregnant and their baby is delivered, well lets just say at the most unexcpected time. Louis, Liam and Niall become best men, and are given the task of being thre for Harry. Will it get too uch for them, or will they come through when their needed? FIRST FANFIC, MORE SEQUALS :D hope you like beautifuls, mwah :**:


10. New born beginnings...

Part 10 - New born beginings

Everyone spun round and gasped in the direction that the scream had come from, to see Farhana had doubled over and was moaning in pain. Great, just what i wanted.
'Someone help me!!' Zayn started helping her up, Harry and Liam going to go help.
'Whats going on?' i said worridly as me, Alicia, Chelsea, Delaney, Niall and Louis sat and waited for everyone to calm down.
'Shes pregnant! Has no one else realised shes been feeling awful latley, and shes been spending 24 hours of her time puking?!' Alicia sighed.
'How did you realise!?' Chelsea asked shocked.
'Umm well, she told me...' she giggled and everyone else laughed at her.
'Zayns gone to the hospital with her, shes fine, her waters broke' Harry puffed as he ran in.
'If everyone would just like to remain seated while we get the papers signed, then we'll escort you out for photos, and sandwichs and cakes will be served after' the registrar shouted above the noise, and me and Harry went to sign everything. There was tonnes of it! My hand was hurting by the end, then it was freezing outside, but Harry let me borrow his jacket and he helped me over the grass kindly like a gentleman. The photographer ordered me to take it off, but i didnt mind as it looked better. We got some of just us, then one with both our familys, the bridesmaids and bestmen, then everyone else and a few others. When we did the bouquet chucking thing, it got stuck in a tree but Chelsea climbing it and retrieved the flowers like a hero. It was a buch of laughs and a lot of people were already drunk! I actualy dont have a clue whats going to happen later on!!!
'Harry, is Farhana okay?' i asked as we took a walk on the huge grass patch in the hotel grounds.
'Zayn said shes gone into labour and she fine, dont worry!' he reassured me.
'Are you sure?' i doubled.

'Niall?' i tapped his shoulder and he immediatly twisted his neck round.
'Oh hi' he smiled, leaning in for another kiss, i denied it.

'Im sure!' i laughed, sweeping a piece of hair away from Paiges face.
'I love you' she whispered and i kissed her softly, forcing her to stand on her tiptoes. Aww!

'Whats up?' i asked when Chelsea turned down my kiss.
'Im confused?' she replied simply.
'Why?' i questioned.
'You tried to kiss me? I thought we were just friends?' she faked a smile, not thinking id realised it was intended to be fake.
'Oh' i started to walk away, but she grabbed my wrist, pulled me back, and planted a rougher kiss on my lips again.
'Just checking it wasnt accidental the first time' she winked and i laughed.
'It wasnt dont worry' i returned the wink and kissed her again, smiling through the long passionate lip lock.

I was sat outside freezing as a snowman, playing soft slaps with Tommy.
'Ouch!' i laughed as he slapped really hard.
'Sowwy mummy' he said in his sweet voice, keeping his laughter in.
'Ill get you back for that' i giggled, trapping him in my arms and tickling him softly.
'Heyy' Louis came over and saw us, just rolling his eyes and sniggering like a horse.
'You look cold' he took his jacket off, revealing his gorgeous biceps and wrapping the suit jacket around my shoulders. He’d even worn his suspenders for the wedding, oh Louis…!
'Thanks' i stood up and let him sit down, and he took it, then pulled me down onto his lap, and tickled me like i did to Tommy.
'See mummy, its not nice' Tommy tutted.
'Aww, im sorry' i chortled.
'Can i go play with Aarron?' he asked, and i nodded as he left to play with his cousins.
'So, Zayn said anything about Farhana yet?' i frowned a little.
'No, but Harry said he said earlier that shes gone into labour, but shes fine' i explained.
'Good, id hate to be her now, it must be awful' i sighed.
'What birth?! Youve been through it before?' Louis laughed.
'I ment having to leave a wedding to go through all that pain, it hurts!' i laughed back and he smiled.
'Well, lets just enjoy tonight, then we'll all go over when the partys over?' he suggested and i nodded, getting up to go talk to my mum.

I hope Zayn and Farhana are okay, i feel bad for not going with her. Im sure Zayn can handle it!

I cant believe their not letting me see Farhana until shes had the baby! Thats so cruel!
'Are you Zayn Malik?' a nurse came over and asked after id sat in the waiting room alone for hours.
'Yeah' i said.
'If you'd like to follow me' she led me in the direction they'd whisked off Farhana, and we entered a room where i could hear small whimpers.
Farhana smiled at me from the bed that was placed in the middle of the wall.
She put a finger to her lips, and then when i stepped over to her, i saw the most beautiful little baby girl layed in her arms asleep. Her cute button nose, small ears and eyes, and pale lips were perfectly arranged on her pale skin. I was overwhelmed.
'Congratulations' the nurse whispered from behind me, then lefft us alone.
'You did it' i grinned and took her hand.
'Not without you i wouldnt have' she reached up and pecked my lips, then we both looked down at the sleeping child.
'Shes looks like an Amber' we both said coincidently in sync, laughinv after st what we'd just done.
'So its settled, Amber Malik' she giggled.
'Why Malik?' i asked.
'Cause if we ever get married, she wont be the one changing her name?' she stated.
'Oh yeah' i chuckled at my stupid moment, then admired our new gorgeous daughter.

'If you'd all like to take your seats, that would be wonderful' a woman came and shouted, and i took Delaneys hand to help her in.
We moved up to Zayn and Farhanas seats as we were slightly lonley on the end, and i checked my phone under the table.
*1 New Message, DJMalik;)*
'Shes an amber :')'
'Everyone! Can i quickly make a toast to Zayn and Farhanas new baby girl, Amber' i yelled above the noise, lifting my ready poured champange, still linked hands with Delaney and alot of people 'aww'ing’. Zayn and Farhanas mums were on the verge of tears, hugging each other and chatting about being grandmas now. Aww!!!
'They'll make lovely parents' Harry smiled.
'Please! Zayn doesnt even know how to work the cooker!' Safaa, Zayns sister shouted and everyone laughed. It was brilliam ;)
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