Stole my heart - fanfic one :D


A fanfic about Harrys life as a husband to be and how he and his fionce cope with the pressure. Zayn has some struggles of his own as his girl friend become pregnant and their baby is delivered, well lets just say at the most unexcpected time. Louis, Liam and Niall become best men, and are given the task of being thre for Harry. Will it get too uch for them, or will they come through when their needed? FIRST FANFIC, MORE SEQUALS :D hope you like beautifuls, mwah :**:


4. Flowers, decoration and grumpy little boys...


Part 4 - Flowers, decoration and grumpy little boys...


'And what have you been doing today?' I said in my baby voice to Tommy.

'Me and mummy had carrots and then I drew a picture!' he said, and ran off to get it.

'He’s so cute' Delaney smiled and Alicia came through with three cups of tea.

'You make us seem old!' I joked as she handed me the pink cup.

'I feel it' she laughed and sat in the chair.

'Look! Look! Look!' Tommy shouted, waving around a white piece of paper.

It was a picture of three people. Well, stick men. One was tall and had stripes on, like the small one holding his hand. On the other side was a person smaller than the first, that I think was meant to be Alicia. It had long hair and was wearing a triangle dress.

'That’s lovely! Where’s Kevin!?' Delaney giggled as the dog bounded in, its tail wagging rapidly.

'I didn’t know how to draw him' Tommy stuck out his bottom lip and we all giggled.

'Tommy, its time for your nap' Alicia smiled, and he yawned, then raced her upstairs while we waited patiently.


Texting Delaney -

D-You do realise Chelsea really likes you?:)

N-You do realise Liam really like YOU?;)

D-He does?!:/D

N-Yeah! Now what were you saying about Chelsea?

D-She likes you!:D






D-Spit it out Niall:/

N-I like her too, but what if she’s only kidding?:(

D-Trust me, she’s not...

N-How do you know?

D-I just do.


What if she really doesn’t like me? What if she does though? I hate love.


'Hey babe' I kissed Alicia as I entered the house and bumped into Tommy in the hallway.

'Daddy!!' he shouted and I picked him up roughly, making him laugh sweetly



There was three knocks on the door after Harry, Paige and Farhana arrived.

'Heyy' I smiled as Chelsea appeared in my doorstep.

'Hii' she said, and I let her in. Delaney was stood behind her so I let her in too, and funny enough she walked right over to Liam.

'So' I grinned.

'So' she repeated.

We looked into each others eyes for a minute or two, until Farhana ruined it and called us in to the room.

'I need to sort out our flowers if that’s okay?' Paige smiled.

'Yeah sure, I’ll ring Alicia and tell her to meet us somewhere?' Chelsea dug out her phone and scrolled down her contacts to find Alicia.

'Hey...Can you meet us at that flower shop on main street?... The one with the holiday window... Yeah second from the right?... Sure... See you then...'

'She said yeah, but Louis off out to get his suit with Harry, so she needs to bring Tommy? Niall, Liam and Zayn, Louis said if you want to go get yours with them, then their going in about half an hour, and meet them at Harry’s now' she explained after hanging up.

'Okay, we'll go then?' I shrugged and grabbed my phone, keys and wallet, shortly followed by the other lads.


'So what flowers do you want?' i asked as the six of us entered the flower shop.

'Preferably nice ones' Paige laughed.

'Can I help you?' a nice looking woman smiled.

'Yeahh, were looking for wedding flowers' Chelsea smiled.

'Not a problem! Follow me' she leaded us up some stairs into a beautiful room with fake bouquets of flowers in all colours and sizes imaginable!

I helped Alicia get Tommy up as he was in a bit of a mood. Farhana bought him a chocolate bar from the newsagents next door and he soon cheered up.

'So what colour were you thinking?' the woman asked.

'Pale blue or white if that’s possible?' Delaney said, still admiring some other flowers near her.

'Certainly, how about these?' she suggested, pointing to a beautiful bouquet of dark blue lily’s.

'Their too dark' Paige said.

'How about these ones?' Chelsea pointed to some pure white tulips that were neatly rearranged in a triangle type of shape.

'I hate tulips' she snapped.

We continued to look and suddenly, I found a perfectly bunched group of roses, in blue and white with ruffled silk around it beautifully.

'Their gorgeous' Paige came and looked over my shoulder, and everyone gathered round to peek.

'I want them' she ordered and the women ran off to collect five for us each.

'I can do name place things and table decorations to match them if you wanted? My sister does it' Chelsea said and Paige nodded with delight.

'That would be great! Thanks so much guys' she smiled and we all hugged her as the woman came back. I said id pay for the flowers as Harry had Paige’s money, I didn’t mind a bit.

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