Stole my heart - fanfic one :D


A fanfic about Harrys life as a husband to be and how he and his fionce cope with the pressure. Zayn has some struggles of his own as his girl friend become pregnant and their baby is delivered, well lets just say at the most unexcpected time. Louis, Liam and Niall become best men, and are given the task of being thre for Harry. Will it get too uch for them, or will they come through when their needed? FIRST FANFIC, MORE SEQUALS :D hope you like beautifuls, mwah :**:


2. 7 hours and going...


Part 2 - 7 hours and going....



'What’s your colour scheme?' I asked, flicking through the dresses checking the size and price.

'Look at Delaney getting all serious' Chelsea joked, I just poked my tongue out and laughed.

'Shush Chelsea' Alicia slapped her hand over Chelsea mouth.

'I'll ask Haz' Paige pulled out her phone and sent the message. Within minutes another came through from him, and we all gathered around the phone to see.

'You choose babe, just please not black: D’ Harry had replied.

'Not black, I wasn’t going to suggest that anyway' I pushed past the black dress I’d been admiring for a while, but I ended up buying it for myself anyway.

'What about pink!?' Alicia smiled.

'Too girly' Paige said quite stubbornly.

'Red?' I said

'I hate red' she laughed.

'Blue!?' Chelsea grinned, proud of the idea she had put forward.

'Pale blue?' Paige added and we all nodded in agreement. She text Harry the decision while we started looking.



This was all so stressful. After 7 hours of searching for a perfect pale blue bridesmaid dress, i still didn’t find one that stood out. It was beginning to seem impossible!

While I sat waiting for the girls to change, I thought back to the time Harry first asked to marry me.


*4 months ago*

'You look gorgeous tonight' he complimented.

'Aww, thank you!' I smiled, looking down at the flowing pale blue maxi dress i was wearing with white heels and a white flower pinning my hair back.

'You look nice yourself' I returned and locked up.

'So where are we going?' I asked while we walked along the beach front in the moonlight.

'Here' he stopped us both and turned to face me.

'I’m confused' I started.

'Just listen. You beautiful, funny, sweet and lovely, and you understand me like no one else does. You always make me smile and you’re always there to cheer me up. Your perfect, except I want you to stop being my girlfriend...' he looked down, and tears formed in my eyes, first happy then sad as he mentioned the last part.

'What?' I whispered in disbelief.

'I want you to stop being my girlfriend?' he repeated.

'Why though?' tears streamed down my face now.

'Because I want you to be Mrs Styles' he pulled out a beautiful black box and opened the lid to reveal a shinning Tiffany ring, encrusted with white diamond and a silver band.

'Oh my god! Yes!!' I squealed, now changing the tears to joy. I wrapped my arms around him and he spun me round like Marilyn Monroe in the movies.

*4 months later*



'Paige?' I whispered, looking at her sat daydreaming.

'Yeah?' she didn’t move her eyes, just her mouth.

'We're done?' Alicia pushed past and strutted out, causing a scene. We all followed and stood in a line.

'wow' was all Paige could utter, and we smiled. The dresses were long and pale blue like we wanted, and made of silk with a matching silk bow tied round the waist. It had a straight strapless line and fitted us all perfectly!

'It brings back memories...' she trailed off and a tear rolled down her cheek

'Don’t you like them?' I asked disappointedly, handing her a tissue.

'No, I love them! It looks like the same dress I wore when Harry proposed' she smiled.

'We can put them back if you want?' Chelsea smiled, but we all knew she loved it.

'No, no, I want these ones!' she grinned and we all rushed off to get changed again and purchase them. We got some matching white shoes and a little white flower to go with it, as well as a sparkly clutch bag.

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