Two decaf coffees and two extra-large chocolate doughnuts

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  • Published: 8 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 17 Aug 2012
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*Winner of the Beatgirl fan fiction competition!*
Everyone loves coffee and extra-large chocolate doughnuts and Amy is no exception to this. From money problems to bonding over decaf coffees, this is one unique story to show how determination and love can change everything. How will Amy cope with the pressure?


7. Should have known.

He carried on asking me tons of questions all the way through our supposed date/music lesson. Not that I learnt anything. I was a little bit preoccupied taking in his deep masculine earthy smell and with his lips never too far away from my neck I just couldn’t quite concentrate.

 When we reached the door to the block of apartments my flat was in I told him it was alright and I could manage on my own from there on, but he insisted on walking me to the door of my flat saying it was gentlemanly thing to do. Of course I reminded him it wasn’t the 18th century and that girls weren’t weak little things that had never seen the sun and needed help doing the smallest of things. But he again insisted.

 I slotted the key in the lock. Listening to the sound of metal on metal and Leo’s heavy breathing from behind me. Why hadn’t he left me alone yet? He was supposed to leave me alone once we’d got to the door of my flat. I tried to twist the key in the lock but as I did so the key jammed and no amount of pressure would make it twist. I cursed under my breath. Stupid rusty key. I tried twisting it with both my hands but again it was no use. It was well and truly stuck.

 “Let me have a go.” Leo mumbled stepping forward and placing his hand on my frantic hands that were desperately trying to turn the key. As his hand touched mine I panicked, my body responding in a way I’ve only ever felt once before.

 Don’t do it, I told myself. Don’t fall for him. We stood still our hands welded together and I stared at my feet avoiding his eyes. Don’t fall for him. Don’t do it. The only other time I had felt this way was with Jason. Jason was the guy I had dated throughout High school. A guy I had loved. Jason had betrayed me and stolen my designs. I couldn’t trust Leo. I had no reason to trust Leo. He was just like the rest of the guys I’ve dated. Arrogant, selfish, idiotic…..handsome, funny, unusual…

 I felt a hand gently pull up my chin so I was looking directly into his eyes. I sighed, his eyes were back to hazel again and his hair messy like usual. He seriously needs to learn how to use a comb. I blinked and bit my lip trying to pull away from his fierce glaze but before I knew it he had crushed my lips under his own. My body responded in a way it had never responded to anyone before. I knotted my fingers in his dark messy hair and his strong muscled arms had suddenly found their way around my waist…again. I kissed him back hungrily. I don’t know why I did, I just did. Fire was everywhere, everywhere my skin brushed his I felt a tiny spark of static electricity. He moved his lips up and down the skin of my face until they’d found their way back to my neck again and then he pulled me even closer to him with his arms.

 We suddenly slammed into the striped wall of the corridor behind us, his body against mine and his lips still on my neck. Using my hands I pulled his face away from my neck and back to my lips. I dropped my hands to my sides unsure of what to do with them. He whispered something lightly against my lips, but I couldn’t hear him over the heavy sound of my heart beating against my chest. He kissed my lips hungrily as he guided my fingers back to his hair with his hands.

 A face suddenly appeared in my mind’s eye. The face of the guy I loved. I did love him didn’t I? But if I loved him why was I feeling this way about Leo? I shouldn’t be doing this. I pulled away from Leo’s lips blinking trying to concentrate on stopping my body from taking over me again.

Leo started kissing my chin instead. Goose bumps formed along my jawbone. “You can’t stop now.” He whispered against my skin his voice slightly uneven and his breathing heavy. He started kissing my lips again. I didn’t kiss back. I just stood there like a stone statue.

 He gave up, obviously fed up of kissing me when I didn’t return the favour. He let his arms untwine from my waist and instead he lent his forehead against mine and sighed. “What happened?”

I swallowed. “I can’t do this. This is wrong.” I blinked tears welling up in my eyes and my throat sour with worry. How could I have been so foolish?   

“Don’t cry.” He hugged me gently letting me sob on his shoulder not caring about getting wet. “I’m sorry if we went too fast.”

 I pulled back. “No sorry what I meant is I really can’t being doing this. Any of this with you I mean. Like ever.”

“Why the hell not?” He frowned stepping back from me, his voice angry and hurt.

“You’re not the guy for me…” I whispered hiding behind my hair, “…and I’m not the girl for you.”

His eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms leaning back against the door of my flat. “Why do you think that?”

 I searched my mind for an excuse; I couldn’t tell him I was in love with someone else. I really couldn’t. “I just know ok?” I tucked a stray hair behind my ear. “You just have to feel a connection with the person you’re with.”

“And that wasn’t what you call a ‘connection’?” He said raising his eyebrows at what we’d just done.

“It was a mistake.” I wiped the stupid tears off my cheeks roughly with the back of my hand. “Fine ok, it was exciting and good fun and all but that’s not good enough. You have to be able to properly communicate with the person you’re with and we’ve never had a single conversation where you haven’t made fun of me in some way or another and that’s why it wouldn’t work out. You and me just wouldn’t work, believe me.”

He stood up from his leaning position against my front door and stepped back towards me. “Come away with me.” He said his eyes pleading me. “My band is going on tour around America in a few weeks. It was short notice and we’re gunna be there a while… eighteen months to be exact, but all accommodation and food is payed for and it’ll be the time of your life… so what do you say? Will you go with me?”

 I blinked. Had he just ignored everything I’ve just said? “You barely know me. Isn’t there some other girl who you could take whose crazy about you?” I mumbled.

He grinned at me, his lips inches away. Oh great I’m thinking about his lips again. “I don’t want any other girl.”

I stepped back and edged around him and back to my door and the stupid stuck key. If that key hadn’t gotten stuck, none of this would have happened and I wouldn’t be stuck in this impossible situation.

“Heather might go with you, especially if you’re heading over to New York. She’s always wanted to go to New York, that’s where Julliard is. The school of her dreams.”

“I don’t want Heather. I want you.” He said backing me up against the door, the key sticking into my side. “Just think about it ok? Then tell me what you think tomorrow morning at the café, ok?” He said staring at my worried face. He reached behind me and turned the key, like it was as easy as cutting a slice of cake. Note to self: Get a new lock, one that works. Stupid key.

He gave me a quick kiss of the lips which I definitely did not return, not even in the slightest. Then turned around and walked down the corridor and out of sight. I sunk onto the floor, my heart hammering in my ears. How could he expect me to just abandon everything and go off with him? I had responsibilities like my studio to consider and I had Heather who I couldn’t just abandon. Could I? Oh great. Now he’s even making me consider it and I don’t even like him that way. He only wanted me because I was probably the only girl he knew that wasn’t attracted to him. Yeah that was probably why.

 The loud sound of Carle Rae Jepson singing ‘call me maybe’ rang out from behind the door of my flat. Great. My mobile. Someone else trying to annoy me by text. I stood up and pushed the door handle down and entered my flat. Why was someone trying to text me at this time? I glanced at my watch which read 11:59, practically midnight. If I wasn’t careful I’d turn into a pumpkin. Well that was what they’d told me when I was younger to insure I’d get into bed quickly without fuss.

 I wandered over to my coat rack and pulled my silver Nokia phone out of the pocket of my purple raincoat. I squinted at the screen. The text was from Heather. As I read it I couldn’t believe my eyes. How did she know? What how was that possible? This had to be some stupid joke. I blinked as the tears rolled down my face. Someone must of stolen her phone and typed this on her phone as a joke. Yeah that must be it. Must be. I swallowed. I mean it can’t possibly be true right? Well it would explain a lot of things if it was true. Which it probably isn’t. I mean it can’t possibly be.

 Who was I kidding? The text was telling the truth and I should have really known because he had shown all the signs and he had been awfully close to Christian recently. Should have known. Should have known. Should. Have. Known.

 The text read:

Just thought you should know: Steve and Christian are an item. Yeah that’s right Steve is gay and so is Christian. Steve seemed to think you already knew but I thought it was probably best to tell you anyway. But it’s no big deal right? I mean… you never liked him like that anyway right? See you tomoz! Love ya, Heather:) xxxx

 I swallowed my throat feeling dry and my heart in my mouth, for the guy I thought I loved was in fact gay. Just my luck.


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