Two decaf coffees and two extra-large chocolate doughnuts

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  • Published: 8 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 17 Aug 2012
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*Winner of the Beatgirl fan fiction competition!*
Everyone loves coffee and extra-large chocolate doughnuts and Amy is no exception to this. From money problems to bonding over decaf coffees, this is one unique story to show how determination and love can change everything. How will Amy cope with the pressure?


4. Cat shaped tea-cosies

 I flipped through the pages of my vogue magazine, analysing all the top tips for fashion trends this year and flicking through the pages to see what the different models were wearing this season. Turns out black and white is very in right now. There were many models dressed in classy black and white outfits on many of the pages in my magazine.

 I gently put down my magazine to the side and noted down some ideas in elaborate curly handwriting in my notebook. Doodling stars and swirls around the outside of the lined paper. I turned the page and started to sketch out a design with rough pencil strokes. Yeah let’s say I designed a black and white halter dress…but wouldn’t it look a bit plain and average if it was just on its own? It would need some kind of contrast in colour…yeah you could perhaps team it with a bright orange cardigan and orange wedges. I labelled the cardigan I had just quickly drawn in orange and the wedges orange too. The halter dress could be pleated at the front to give it extra texture and the halter bit that went around your neck could have sewn on it millions of tiny black sequins. I used the sharp edge of my pencil to draw thousands of dots across the halter bit of the dress. I nearly broke the pencil drawing all those dots on it. It would take absolutely ages to manage to sew all the sequins on, Steve wouldn’t be happy, but it would be well worth it once it was done. The cardigan of course would have deep pockets and be quite long…almost as long as the dress…  

  I woke up from my trail of thoughts as I suddenly heard a loud cough coming from somewhere beside me. Typical. Whenever I was getting somewhere someone had to come and had to ruin it. It wouldn’t take much to guess who the cough had come from.

“What do you want?” I protested.

He pulled up a chair from another table in the café. That chair just happened to belong to someone else who had coincidently just stood up at that moment, that moment in which he’d taken advantage of and nicked their chair. Groans of protest echoed from that table.

“To make peace.” He grinned sitting down on his stolen chair and popping a take-away cup of coffee down on the table and pushing it towards me in one fluid movement.

“I’ve already had my coffee this morning.” I said raising my eyebrows at him. I bet he’d stolen that from another table too.

“Have another then.” He grinned. “You can never have enough cups of coffee in the morning my friend.”

I half smiled. I guess I couldn’t stay angry at him forever. “Is it decaf?”

“Of course. Nothing but the best for you.”

I lifted the cup of coffee cautiously to my mouth and sipped carefully. The luscious taste of the bitter decaf coffee filled my mouth and it smelt just heavenly. I was just placing my cup onto the table when I noticed something inked onto the cardboard cuff which stopped you getting burnt. I held it up to my eyes. My eyes slowly focused on the writing. It read ‘Sorry’ and scribbled under the ‘sorry’ was an 11 digit number. Typical guy handwriting couldn’t get much scruffier than that.

“Nice try.” I placed the coffee onto the table and lent onto my elbows so I could stare directly into his eyes.

“What?” He said innocently leaning back onto his seat.

“I know your type. Hell, I’ve dated your type a million times over and ok fine it’s fun and romantic for a while, but I’m fed up with whirlwind romances. They’re over too quick and leave you sitting alone at your flat broken-hearted on your couch reading old knitting magazines about cat shaped tea-cosies.”

His mouth twisted up into a devious smile. “Cat shaped tea-cosies?” He raised his eyebrows.

“I’m not joking. Cat shaped tea-cosies are the least of your problems.”

He crossed his arms suddenly changing the subject. “What do you mean, ‘you know my type’? You barely know me.”

I twisted a strand of my luminous red hair around my fingers and then let it go. It sprang like a coil of wire away from my hand and landed it front of my eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“You’re quite mistaken, I don’t.” He frowned, his eyebrows knitting together and his smile vanished. I tried to sweep the annoying strand away from my eyes but it always found a way of bouncing back.

“Guys like you,” I gestured to him with my left hand, “Don’t get into serious relationships with girls like me.” I gestured to myself.

 He pulled his chair up right close to the table and leant across to towards me, and for a minute, I could have sworn he was going to kiss me. But why would he have wanted to do that? Since we first met it’s only ever been sadistic remarks about the way I looked and dressed and he’d never had anything half decent to say to me. He pondered on what to do next and then settled for tucking the fly away strand of hair behind one of my ears. I let out a deep breath. I hadn’t even noticed I’d been holding my breath until the floods of air rushed out.

“How do you know that?” His asked his lips unbearably close to mine.

“I…I…I…” I froze. “I just know. Ok? I just know.” I sat back onto my seat away from the table and away from his unreadable face. “The longest relationship you’ve ever had is with your morning coffee.”

He sat back on his seat and crossed his arms in denial. “Prove it.”

I had to blink twice. What was he talking about? “What?”

“Prove me wrong.” He said hatching a plan.

“How would I…?”

 “…prove yourself right? Easy. Go on a date with me.” He interrupted me in the middle of my sentence.

“Go on a date…with you?” Really after all I’d just said he’d just come out and said that?

“You’re not chicken are you?” He teased me. “Scared of falling for me?”

“You’re so full of yourself. Why would I fall for someone like you?” I snapped crossing my arms across my chest. “But as it is I wouldn’t be able to go out with you because I’ve got some planning to do and other things to be getting on with.”

“You need to just relax for one evening. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

I glanced around the room. Maybe I did need some time out. Steve and I had been planning and sorting out our studio yesterday and it was supposed to be my day off yesterday too. I sighed. “Fine. I’ll go out with you.” I bit my tongue for saying it though.

He blinked. Surprised I hadn’t put up more of a fight. “Cool. I’ll pick you up at 7.30 then.”

“Fine.” I muttered under my breath.

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