A kiss in the rain

Madison's life is boring. She does the same routine every day. Get up, take a shower, eat, school, and all that stuff. Her life is about to get a major upgrade. When she accidentally meets Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction in the mall, Madison gets the feeling that her life will never be the same again


5. We forgot -.-

With at least 500 screaming girls running at my car, I took Liam's advice and hit the gas pedal. I swear that as soon as I hit the gas, fire shot out of my tires. The sounds of the girls faded into the distance and everyone in the car relaxed a little. "Can we please stay at your place for a little bit?" Niall asked. "Why would you need to stay at my house?" Lou sighed and began to explain. "Nobody was supposed to know that we were in America, and now screaming fans will be at our hotel waiting for us to come. So we need to stay the night at your house so the fans will go away." I shrugged but then hit the brakes really fast at a stop light. "Oh my god," I muttered. "What?" Liam asked, still looking terrified. "We left my sister at the mall." I said. "Well we cant stop now!" Harry exclaimed. "I'll just call her to make sure she's ok." I said. I heard a chorus of that's a good idea from the boys. Soon we got home and of course my mom's car is in the driveway. "Shoot." I said and reached for my phone. I dialed Lil's number and after a few rings she picked up. "Hello? Maddie is that you?" "Yes it's me." "Good, I was worried that you would bring mom into this. After you ran after soda boy, I saw my friend Jade at Forever 21 and she offered to give me a ride home." "That's good Lil, but one other thing." I looked back at the boys. "What is it Madds?" She sounded like she was starting to get annoyed. I was probably keeping her from shopping. "5 friends of mine are staying over tonight so I wondered if you were ok with it." I heard her sigh but she said, "I'm okay with it just make sure mom is! Bye Madds, and if mom asks, Jade's parents invited me to their house for dinner." I heard the familiar click that signaled that Lily had hung up on me. I turned back to the boys. "You guys are safe from my sister until like 9 so do anything that involves you guys being famous before then." The boys got out of my car and went up to my front door and rang the door bell. My mom answered it and was shocked there was 5 boys standing on her doorstep. They told her the whole story, including me tackling Harry and the soda thing, and finally they told her about how they had to stay over tonight because of the fans. She nodded to everything but raised her eyebrows and shot me a glance when she heard about me and Harry. "So can we stay over please?" Zayn asked. She glanced and me and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm fine with it. As long as you guys are friends of my daughter." She then turned to me and said, "I have to go on a business trip early tomorrow so you and Lil are on your own for a couple days." I nodded and was about to tell her about how Lily was staying for dinner at Jade's but she shot me a look that said 'I know about Lily. Entertain the boys.' She then walked up the stairs to her room. I turned back to the boys but they werent there. I soon found them in the kitchen munching on Oreo's. Niall turned towards me and whimpered, "Kind friend who let us into your house, will you order me a pizza?" I smiled at Niall he was so sweet. I ordered Niall a pizza then turned back to the boys. "I am going to go take a shower. Entertain yourselves until I return." Liam grabbed my arm right before I went up the stairs. "Love, we never caught your name." I smiled at him and said, "I'm Maddison."

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