A kiss in the rain

Madison's life is boring. She does the same routine every day. Get up, take a shower, eat, school, and all that stuff. Her life is about to get a major upgrade. When she accidentally meets Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction in the mall, Madison gets the feeling that her life will never be the same again


3. Sorry won't cut it

Suddenly I heard someone shout behind me. "HARRY! She bloody found us! RUNNNN!" A boy said. I turned to see the 5 boys looking at me. I starting running at them and they all ran around another corner. I ran after them into an alley way. Luckily for me it was a dead end. "You." I seethed at the boy who had spilled soda on me. he backed up against the wall with the rest of his friends. "U-um, excuse me." A blonde boy stammered. "What?" I barked. "Harry didn't mean to do that to you. Right Harry?" I turned to look at soda boy. He crossed his arms and turned away from me. "I, under no circumstances, will not apologize to the psycho who ran after us." "YOU SET ME UP TO GET SODA ALL OVER ME!" I screamed. He chuckled to himself when I heard the blonde boy speak up. "You look good with brown streaks in your hair at least." I scowled at him and he put both of his hands up in surrender. "Harry," The black haired one whispered. "If she knew who we are then she might let us go!" Harry shook his head and murmured, "Wait." "All of you. To my car. Now." I pointed to my car as the boys glumly started walking in a line. Harry was in the front and I knew he was planning his escape. And boy was I right. Harry started sprinting in the other direction, as in towards the mall. The rest of the boys just stood there in awe as Harry tried to make a break to the mall doors. After what Harry had done to me today, I was not letting him get off that easy. I let go of the blonde boys arm and sprinted after Harry. I caught up to him in no time flat and tackled him to the ground. He groaned as I pulled him up in a standing position and I marched him back to the other boys who were climbing into my car. I shoved Harry into the passenger's seat of my car and climbed into the driver's side. I turned around to face the boys. "Sunglasses and beanies off now." The boys looked at each other and slowly pulled off their sunglasses and hats. I just sat there with a awed expression on my face. "I-I cant believe it!" I stammered. "You guys are One Direction!" Harry scowled, still probably upset that a girl had tackled him. "I'm leaving." Harry stated and tried to open up his door. i quickly pressed the lock button on my cars keys. He turned around and gave me puppy dog eyes. "Let me go?" He said. I smiled sweetly. "Sure I will let you and your lads go Harry," He smiled and reached for the door again. "Just as soon as I get some answers."

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