A kiss in the rain

Madison's life is boring. She does the same routine every day. Get up, take a shower, eat, school, and all that stuff. Her life is about to get a major upgrade. When she accidentally meets Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction in the mall, Madison gets the feeling that her life will never be the same again


6. Just fun and games

~Sorry this chapter is so short. The next one will be extra long - Rylee :) ~

Once Liam let go of my arm I bolted up to my room to take a shower. I locked the door of my bathroom and turned towards the mirror to see what damage the soda had done to me. My new shirt had turned completely brown on the front but iy had only a few coke splashes on the back.  I picked up a strand of my hair and leaned over my sink. I slowly twisted my hair in two different directions and coke slowly streamed out of my hair. I was not happy with Harry at the moment. I climbed into the shower, yes with my clothes on so I could rinse them a little, and suddenly heard a loud bang from down stairs. I quickly washed my hair and grabbed a tank top and shorts from Hollister that my sister picked out for me. I dried my hair and pulled it in a messy bun then I ran downstairs to see what the bang was. I only saw Zayn, who was hiding behind the couch. He motioned for me to hide with him. I shook my head and stood on the bottom step until I saw Louis charging at me full speed with a foam sword in hand. I shrieked and ran away from him but I was soon cut off by Liam, who grabbed my arm and pulled me into a bedroom. Liam handed me a foam sword and shoved me back out into the hallway. I turned around to find Harry grinning evilly at me with his foam sword raised. He hit me in the head with the sword hard and yelled, "I win! I tagged Madison!" Liam came out of the bedroom, Zayn emerged from behind the couch, Niall peeked his head around the corner, and Louis cautiously stepped out of the closet. "What is going on?" I asked glaring at the boys. "You know it would make ou looked better if you smiled once and a while Madison." Harry huffed. He then walked out of the room, throwing his foam sword at me. I caught it, but as soon as Harry was out of earshot I turned to the boys and said, "Now who wants to help me get revenge?"

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