A kiss in the rain

Madison's life is boring. She does the same routine every day. Get up, take a shower, eat, school, and all that stuff. Her life is about to get a major upgrade. When she accidentally meets Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction in the mall, Madison gets the feeling that her life will never be the same again


2. How dare he

I turned the engine off as Lily hopped out of the car. " I wanna go to Aeropostale first, then Forever 21, and finally H+M." Lily rattled on. I sighed as she led me by the wrist into the mall. "Hey Lil, why is he mall so packed today?" "You think I would know? I barely know what goes on inside our own house sometimes! Hey!" she said suddenly distracted. "There is a new Aeropostale store!" She squealed. "Lily," I sighed, "That store was here last year." "I know but I still wanna go in!!!!!!!" She screamed. I was yanked into the store and was suddenly under the weight of millions of clothes as my sister scrambled across the store grabbing everything. This, my friends is the reason i don't go shopping with Lily. She will try on everything in the store and then wont buy anything she tried on. "Madds, over here!" She yelled, getting a few glances from the other people in the store. I strolled over to what she was looking at. "Wow." That was all I could say. I wasn't impressed if that's what your thinking. I was being sarcastic. There was absolutely no way I would drool over plain white T-Shirts like Lil was at the moment. Lily picked one up and held it against me. "Looks like it would fit." She murmured. She then took all of her clothes out of my hands and handed me the one white tee she had held against me. She pointed to the dressing rooms in the back of the store. "Try." Lily commanded as she pointed from me to the shirt to the dressing rooms. I rolled my eyes at her and opened up the dressing room door. I shut it behind me and put the shirt on. There was nothing special about the shirt. It looked like a ordinary shirt to me. Yet it did look good on me. Even though my sister is a pain in the neck to go shopping with, she knows what I like and what would look good on me. I opened the dressing room door to a squealing Lily. "That. Looks. Amazing. On. You!" She exclaimed. I smiled and walked back into the dressing room. I re-folded the shirt and walked out of the dressing room. I paid for the shirt and turned around to see my sister smiling. "What?" I asked. She pointed to the store across the street where two boys were shaking up a can of soda and snickering. "The boys aren't that interesting Lil." I sighed. "That's not what I pointed at. I was pointing that it was our favorite lunch bistro!" I smiled. My sister is pretty cool."Go change into your new shirt Madison." I shrugged and went into the bathroom. When we walked out of Aeropostale I noticed the two soda boys were gone. We walked into the bistro and ordered salads. Lily started rattling on about all the stores she wanted to hit before we had to go. I pretended to listen while I looked around the bistro. The vintage paintings and the sweet smell of the pastries were my favorite things about the bistro. Just then someone tapped my shoulder. "Um, could you help me open this?" A boy said. He wore Ray Bans and a beanie so I couldnt see all of his hair. I shrugged. "Sure." I grabbed the can of Coke out of his hand and set it on the table. It was the biggest mistake of my life. As soon as I opened it, soda came rushing out. Coke went everywhere, but mainly my shirt got all of it. I stood up, covered in soda and scowled at the boy. He was laughing his head off. I took a step towards him and he finally noticed how mad I was. He stopped laughing and kind of looked scared. He hurriedly looked back at four other boys who were sitting at a table a couple away from ours. All five of them got up and ran out of the door of the bistro. I took this as a challenge so I ran after them. They made it outside the mall and were high fiving each other when one noticed I was following them and they all started to run. Luckily I do gymnastics so I am wicked fast. When I turned the corner they were gone. The soda scene replaying in my head as my cheeks burned brightly  

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