A kiss in the rain

Madison's life is boring. She does the same routine every day. Get up, take a shower, eat, school, and all that stuff. Her life is about to get a major upgrade. When she accidentally meets Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction in the mall, Madison gets the feeling that her life will never be the same again


7. Abby

All the boys raised their hands in the air and I smiled. This was going to be good. I swear I could see a light bulb go on over Louis's head. "How about we duct tape him to the bed? With the sheets on of course." I smiled at the boys. "Eleven p.m. tonight boys. Eleven p.m." Just then the doorbell rang. I heard Harry running down the stairs and opening the front door.  Seconds later Harry came over and handed Niall a pizza box and said, "I want to watch a movie. Where are they?" I pointed to the cabinet by the TV. Harry walked over and shifted through the movies Lil and I owned. He pulled out Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor then turned to me. "Can we have a movie marathon?" I shrugged, I didnt care at all as long as I could be alone tonight. The band high-fived each other and ran into my living room. As soon as I heard the opening credits for Thor I ran up the stairs to my room. I locked my door and grabbed my Mac which was making beeping sounds signaling me that someone was trying to video chat with me on Skype. I agreed to the chat because I recognized the username as my best friend Abby. "Hey Mad Hatter!" she said cheerily. "Hi Abbs, whats new?" She rolled her eyes at me and said, "You know exactly whats new in my life." I played it dumb and pretended I didnt know. "Abbs I truly dont know." I pouted. She sighed and I heard 'Gold forever' by The Wanted playing in the background. "I got braces idiot." "Thats right, I forgot." "Your totally blonde Maddie!" She giggled. "So whats new with the Madd Hatter in Wonderland?" I was debating inside whether or not to tell her about the boys. "Well," I started. "You cant tell anyone but One Direction is staying at my house." "Has your sister been informed?" She raised her eyebrows and leaned towards the camera. "No will you come over later? And bring duct tape." She smiled and nodded. "I'm glad you are finally including me on one of your rare happy moments Madds." She smirked at me and remarked, "Dont forget about your contacts. Again. Be there in a few bye Madd Hatter." She winked at me and waved. I waved back and closed our chat. I slowly got up and walked into my bathroom grabbing my glasses as I started to take out my contacts. I put on my glasses and pulled my hair into a messy bun and looked into my mirror. I looked like a geek. I have low self-esteem if you haven't noticed already. I grabbed my Mac and walked downstairs to see the lads playing Wii instead of watching their movie. I stood there and cleared my throat. Five heads turned towards me and snickered. I heard someone mumble, "Nice glasses." I ignored the remark and said, "What are you doing?" "None of your business." Harry stated. "Actually this is my house so it IS my business." He scowled at me but turned towards the door. He shook his head and muttered, "I swear I heard someone knocking on the door." I looked through the peephole and saw a drenched Abby standing on our doorstep. I opened the door and Abby immediately started blubbering, "The rain. Came when I drove here. Very wet." She looked past me and saw the boys. "One. Direction. Is. In. Your. House." Was all she managed to get out. I smiled at her and she gave me a big hug. I laughed and she let go. "So Madd Hatter, which one do you fancie?" She and Harry exchanged glances and I said, "I'm sorry Abbs, I was too busy looking at you and Harry to answer your question." She blushed and looked away from him. I looked down at my shirt and noticed there was wet spots from Abby. I love my best friend Abby. Her brown hair and brown eyes make her seem normal, but once you get to know her she is anything but normal. She reached out of her pocket and pulled out three rolls of duct tape. "Here," she panted. "The duct tape is here." Harry raised his eyebrows at me and looked at the rest of the boys. "Oh." that was all Abby said. She slowly put the tape on the counter and backed away from it. Abby ran upstairs to my room and came down a second later. In her arms were my Mac,a change of clothes, and my phone and hers. She handed me my phone and computer then dropped the clothes on the floor and started taking pictures of the boys. I laughed and so did the boys. She stood up and looked at me in confusion. "Why are you laughing Madd Hatter?" She then looked at the boys as she was picking up the clothes she brought down and said, "And that's my nickname for Maddie so nobody gets to call her that." She dashed into the bathroom and locked the door as we just stood there. "I already like her." Niall said. "I agree." Harry agreed. I smirked at him and looked at my phone. One new text. And from the one person I hated the most. 

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