This story takes place in 2013. Karli gets her dream role of Cassie in the upcoming movie, Nowhere. Harry Styles got the role of Zac who in the movie Karli has to kiss. Will Karli and Harry end up getting closer?


4. Tilly

Karli's POV:

The first thing I wanted to do is meet my horse, Tilly, that I'll be using for the movie. This guy with a headset, I think his name was Ryan, lead me to the beautiful beast. Tilly's mane was well brushed and she was brown with white spots. Ryan insisted I go on Tilly. I put my left foot in the left sturrop and swung my right leg over her. Tilly is a small horse. Before I could get my right foot in the right sturrop, she took off. So many things were racing through my head, she's small but she can move. I kept yelling to Ryan but he was too busy texting to even look up. What happened after that was a blur. What I've been told is I fell of Tilly and I have a mild concussion. I have to stay in bed in my trailer. The One Direction boys visit me a lot. Liam brings me letters  complete with glitter, he really know knows what I like, he's a sweetheart! When Louis and Eleanor come, the visits are short but full of laughter. Louis always giving updates like, my mum made me dinner on Twitter!!! Eleanor and I love listening to stuff like that. Eleanor is the sister I never had. Since she's pregnant, I don't see her too much. Niall's visits revolve around eating Nando's on Skype. He barely talks, he just eats. The best visits are from Harry. We'll watch movies, play games, and talk to me about the band's news. Last week he let me listen to the boy's new album that comes out in two months! My doctor tells me to recite things about myself when I start to blank out:

I'm Karli Johnson
I'm 13 years old
I'm from Vermont 
I used to play Field Hockey
I'm supposed to be filming a movie now
I think I'm in love with Harry Styles.
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