This story takes place in 2013. Karli gets her dream role of Cassie in the upcoming movie, Nowhere. Harry Styles got the role of Zac who in the movie Karli has to kiss. Will Karli and Harry end up getting closer?


3. Opening Up

I like to open up around girls and let them into my life. Something just doesn't seem normal about Karli, she's not like other girls, she can open up, but without going too far. Karli rolled the ball, a perfect strike. "Nice," I commented. Karli gave a small smile.

Karli's POV:

It's so hard to act normal around people! What if right now he thinks I'm a freak, I'll have to see him for the next like 9 more months. The game went on, Harry and I had similar scores. Bowling is so boring, roll a ball pins get knocked down, and then you roll the ball again, some pins get knocked down then it's the other person's turn. "If you could go anywhere in the world, that you've already been, where would you go?" Harry asked. "London, it's so nice there," I said truthfully. "It's so nice there sometimes it miss home," Harry's voice dropped a little. Well, we were done anyway. I had a score of 109 and Harry's was 105. The silence felt so strange. "I can drive you to the set," Harry suggested. "Thanks," I replied. We got into Harry's car, I don't trust him driving, it was probaly reckless driving. We started driving, it was a little reckless, but not as bad as I thought. I saw Niall walking out of Nando's with many bags of food. It felt so strange to actually be in a car with the Harry Styles
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