This story takes place in 2013. Karli gets her dream role of Cassie in the upcoming movie, Nowhere. Harry Styles got the role of Zac who in the movie Karli has to kiss. Will Karli and Harry end up getting closer?


2. Harry

As I walk into the alley, I get totally nervous, what of he thinks I'm stupid, what if by mistake I say one of my lame jokes? Ughhh, why does life have to be so hard? "Can I stay?" asks Mae hopefully. "No!" I Pretty much yell. Mae gave me the fine I'll do it your way look. "Bye, I guess, I was really hoping on staying..." she drifted off. I didn't have to say anything, Mae just left. I went to the counter and got size 8 bowling shoes. I sat down on one of the chairs by our alley. I put on my shoes and just waited, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes where is he?! I got out my phone to text him and see where he was but then I noticed I didn't have his number. "I'm here, I'm here!" I heard a cute British accent yell. I turned around so I could see the door and there was Harry Styles running in.

Harry's POV:

I'm so late! Louis was telling me tips for how to act around a girl, like I didn't know. I ran over to our alley, a lane 7. "Hi," I said panting. "Hi," Karli replied. Karli had long brown hair and brown eyes, and was tall, she was pretty for someone who is 13. "Wanna start?" she asked. "Sure," but I was just looking into her eyes. I didn't notice this before, but she has such beautiful smile. I started first, I rolled the ball and I got four down, Karli wasn't really looking. I tried to start the conversation, "So, where are you from again?" Karli looked up from her feet, "Vermont." I rolled my second ball, I got five pins down. "Is Vermont nice, I heard there's good skiing there." "Yeah, skiing is like my life, I've been doing it since I could stand." she reached for a bowling ball. She was starting to open up, which I liked.
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