This story takes place in 2013. Karli gets her dream role of Cassie in the upcoming movie, Nowhere. Harry Styles got the role of Zac who in the movie Karli has to kiss. Will Karli and Harry end up getting closer?


6. Ashley

I just got another text.
From: Unknown
So now you know it wasn't Louis, you really shouldn't go through his phone.
-Not Telling

I look up and Karli is in the doorway rubbing her eyes. Were her eyes now blue? I must be losing it. "Someone's watching us, I can sense it," she says still rubbing her eyes, she just got up, I guessed. We put on our boots and coats with out saying anything and headed outside. The rain was like bullets against my skin. The woods seemed empty but there's no way to know. Karli and I stayed close together, afraid what's out there. We went to Ashley Benson's trailer to see if she knew anything. Karli knocked on the door lightly, the rain still feeling like bullets. "Come in," a faint voice replied. "Ash," Karli started, "someone's here stalking us." "Really," Ash was no doubt not convinced.  "Ash," Karli waved her over. Karli showed her the texts. Ash can be so stubborn,"Fine, but stop making this into Pretty Little Liars, just close your curtains and talk quietly. Ash was watching a re-run of Pretty Little Liars, she must think she does such a good job. Karli and I left Ashley, she's such a downer. She is supposed to play my younger sister in the movie. Before we could open the door to Karli's trailer, Louis opened the door, "Where were you?" he was kind of laughing, "Don't answer that."
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