This story takes place in 2013. Karli gets her dream role of Cassie in the upcoming movie, Nowhere. Harry Styles got the role of Zac who in the movie Karli has to kiss. Will Karli and Harry end up getting closer?


8. 911

Louis's POV:

What happened next, I'm not really sure. There was a breaking sound and screams. A twig fell into my lap and I looked up, a tree fell on the top of the trailer and broke the roof. "God, why is everything bad happening to me?" Hazza was frustrated. Karli was fine this time, thank God. Shrieks still lurked the air outside. Once Karli was able to wiggle out from under the branch that kept her down, she rushed outside, not bothering for shoes or a coat. Harry and I followed, Karli was insane! There was Ashley at the steps to her trailer face-down screaming. It was louder than I've ever heard her scream on Pretty Little Liars, OK, so I watch that show sometimes, OK, a lot. Karli called 911, but it took them three hours to come because of the trees and "we are in the middle of nowhere." So we are stuck. 
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