The Creature In The Shadows.

There is something in town roaming wild and free killing who ever get's in it's way. Lily and her friends Will, Simon and Hope take the responsibility of finding out what the monstorous thing is. Have they made the right decision to investigate? Simon and Hope land themselves in trouble. Will thier friends manage to save them? Or will their fate lie in the hands of the unknown creature? Will they ever discover what the creature is?


1. The Decision.

I heard a bang, I heard a growl then silence fell upon the dark alleyway I was walking in. Now all I can hear is the leaves crunching under my feet as I walk tentatively. My head tells me to stop and go home but my body ignores it and keeps walking forward. I reach the corner where the growl came from. I peeked my head round the abandoned church that stood before me. Silence. It was getting late and I knew I should get home but I also knew something was wrong...

My suspicisions were high as I turned the corner onto the dark street. This street is not pleasent, it's where the gangs hang out, vandalising the houses and generally just ruling the street doing what they want. Though tonight the street is empty, lifeless. I looked down at my feet and was suprised to see a deep red liquid trickling down the pathway. Blood. Pure blood, as I turned my head, I could see a body sprawled out over the pathway just a few steps away from my feet. I couldn't see the body properly but from what I could make out it was a male. I started to feel creepy so I ran home and made a plan to come and have a look in daylight tomorrow with my friends.

"Where have you been young lady? Do you realize what time it is? We have been worried sick about you" my mum shouted.

"I am not in the mood, I'm here now so back off" I said in a stern tone of voice.

"Who do you think you are, I almost called the police I was so worried" she said.

"Lily Tolse. Oh and before I go to my room, I would just like to say that I am SIXTEEN next month, I repeat SIXTEEN so I think it is about time that you gave me some freedom in life. Now if  you don't mind I'm going to my room to call my friends. Just so you no I'm going out quite early in the morning so don't panic if I'm not there mummy" I said sarcastically. I knew that I had over stepped the mark, probably hurt my mother's feeling's and got myself into alot of trouble. She was speechless. I saw the tears starting to appear in her eyes, I felt bad but I knew it would shut her up. I went up to my room.

I sent a message to my friends saying 'Hey, I know it's really short notice and quite a shocking thing but would you be able to meet me on the corner near the old church in the alleyway. I am going because tonight, well umm I found a dead body but I want to see it myself before the police do in the morning. Please guys? Lily,xx'  Natalia text back to say she couldn't make it but the others luckily could! I set my alarm for 5:30am. It was now midnight so I fell asleep rarther quickly. I had made my decision to go back and so had my friend's, there was no going back on it now.

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