The Creature In The Shadows.

There is something in town roaming wild and free killing who ever get's in it's way. Lily and her friends Will, Simon and Hope take the responsibility of finding out what the monstorous thing is. Have they made the right decision to investigate? Simon and Hope land themselves in trouble. Will thier friends manage to save them? Or will their fate lie in the hands of the unknown creature? Will they ever discover what the creature is?


2. The Body...


*Bang, bang, bang.*

Oh no, my alarm hadn't gone off. I opened my curtains and quickly covered my eyes with my arms because the blazing sun was blinding me. I opened my bedroom window and looked below. Hope, who is my best friend, was peering up at me. She looked as though she had just walked through a bush. Her hair was very frizzy and sticking up, dark rings below her tired eyes and she was also wearing her 'scruffy clothes' which entails her old pink tracksuit bottoms, her black vest, old muddy trainers and her bright yellow jacket. Christ, she looked a state.

"hurry up you lazy thing, you are the one that organized this event, come and let me in. Will and Simon will be here in five minutes, they rang me earlier." she bellowed.

"Oh give it a rest will you? Moan, moan, moan, your turning into my mother" I said angrily and slammed the window shut. I creeped onto the landing trying to avoid the floorboards that creaked and ran downstairs to let Hope in. I glared at her.

"You almost woke my parents up, bloody genius" I said sarcastically.

"I wouldn't have had to knock so loud if somebody could wake up"she replied.

"Oh just shush, I'm not in the mood, go get yourself a cup of tea or something whilst I get ready."

I ran upstairs without saying another word. Me and Hope are best friends, we first met at nursery. We have basically been best friends since that day. Hope practically lives at my house, she is like my mum's second daughter. We never have big arguments but we do sometimes clash. Even if we have fallen out she will still come to my house but just talk to my family and not me! However, the longest time we weren't friends was one week. We should have been born twins.

"BOO" exclaimed Will.

"Get out, quickly" I responded.

He quickly shut the door. He had just walked in whilst I was stood in my bra and knickers. Oh dear, that was very awkward. I secretly have a crush on Will but I have never told him and probably never will. He has dark brown hair which he sweeps to one side of his face, He has bright green eyes just like emeralds, he usually wears tight black skinny jeans,converse and a band shirt, he is tall, good personality and he has a very kind nature. Oh my god, the more I think about him, the more I crush on him. Great, he has now seen me almost naked! Why is my life failing?

I was finally ready, I had quickly put some eyeliner and lipgloss on, put on some blue jeans with a black vest and completed the look with my converse. I thought that I looked bad but then I looked over at Hope. At last we were finally ready!

We crept through the door and out onto the miserable street. We silently walked to the deserted street where I had seen the body. I started thinking and wondering whether it was just me and my vivid imagination that had seen the body and the blood but I am certain that I saw it. I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. Finally we had arrived at the eerie street that I had been to last night. The street was still scary even through the day. You can see all the litter lying aroud, deserted, abondaned property's, the shut down local shop, the empty bottles and empty packets of cigarettes and worst of all the people who live near here. The people were extremely un-pleasent looking and they actually looked intimidating.

I looked up the hill to see where the body had been. Damn it, the police had beaten us...

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