A pencil

First movella on the new account so gonna develop this loads as promised.
Lol... donno what to put here. Just read. :)


2. The strange place called "school"

'Hello darling. How old are you?' The strange woman asked. Sophie shrugged her shoulders.

'I don't know.' 

'That's OK dear. I'll get someone to phone them. Margaret!'

'Phone who?' Sophie asked.

'Asking questions is how bright students are made. Margaret!' Another strange woman came out of the building.

'Call the people for Sophie!' She yelled.

'Yes.' And then she went back in to the strange place.

'What's that place?' Sophie asked.

'That's your school dear.'

'What is "school"?' Sophie asked curiously.

'A place where you learn.' The woman replied. 'Now come on, we'll show you to your room mates.' She smiled, hurrying Sophie along. Sophie was confused, what were room mates?

Then she went inside the strange place called "school".

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