A pencil

First movella on the new account so gonna develop this loads as promised.
Lol... donno what to put here. Just read. :)


5. The rest of learning

'So you're thirteen?' A woman hurried out, asking. 

'I am?' Sophie asked herself.

'Yes. The timetable is correct. That's good.' The woman hurried back inside.

'So where were we?' Beth asked.

'M-a-t-h-s...' Sophie giggled. 

'Good. Now onto science.'

'Easy. S-i-e-n-s-e.' Sophie grinned, trying determinedly to get it right.

'Not quite. There is a c after the first s and a c not an s to the second one.' Jodie explained, confusing Sophie even further but she went with it.

'So... S-c-i-e-n-c-e?' She asked.

'Great. Now onto the last one. And quite a tricky one. Geography.'  Emma gave an encouraging smile.

'G-e-o-g-r-a-p-h-y. Not that hard... If it's right that is...' Sophie gave a weak grin of hope.

'And it is. Well done.' They clapped Sophie but she didn't understand and covered her ears. They just laughed.

'Come on. We'll tell the teachers about out work with you. They'll be happy.' Beth smiled, hugging Sophie which she didn't understand either and cowered away hurriedly. Then they went in.

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