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First movella on the new account so gonna develop this loads as promised.
Lol... donno what to put here. Just read. :)


6. Sorry

After a peaceful nights sleep Sophie awoke to three tired glares glancing at her. She slumped down. 

'Uh... You snore...' Emma said, quite clearly.

'I'm sorry... I do what?' Sophie asked, having always slept on her own had never heard someone say this word before.

'Make noises when you sleep. A bit like this...' Emma mimicked this "snoring" which Sophie nodded.

'Is it a bad thing?' She asked.

'Well umm... It kept us awake.' Sophie's eyes watered. 

'I am so sorry! I didn't mean to!' She cried.

'You can't help it, we know. No need to cry.' Jodie rolled her eyes. Beth punched her arm immediately after.

'Don't worry about it. Have you ever been to the doctors? Ever?' Beth asked, in a concerned way.

'If hospital counts when I was birthed.' Sophie explained.

'They really need to get an appointment for you. Commonly, asthmatic people snore... And besides, you have been on the streets for years... God knows what else you might have!' Beth smiled at Sophie.

'I'm sorry.' Sophie apologised.

'Don't apologise.'

'I'm sorry, I'll stop-' 

'Stop apologising. You only apologise when you did something on purpose OK?' Beth grinned kindly, glimpsing at Sophie. Then they got dressed and went for breakfast.

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