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First movella on the new account so gonna develop this loads as promised.
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3. A memory

Sophie had only ever been inside twice before, one was when Ally was finding a school and the second time was when she was a baby- when her mother had her. She didn't ever know how she happened to be on the streets- it just came. But she always found her way around- survived.

Sighing, the door opened. The head teacher handed her a bag with her timetables and other important information in. The thing was; she couldn't read. The head teacher whispered something to the girls and they nodded.

'Hello.' One smiled. 'I'm Beth. I am not just your room mate but will be in your classes and am staying through the holidays as I have been in similar situations to you.' She grins, holding out her hand. Sophie looks at it and blinks. 'You're meant to shake it.' Beth reached over and shook Sophie's thin hand. Sophie realised Beth was quite thin herself.

'Hello. I- I'm Sophie.' She introduced, giving her hand at the newly found technique.

'These are my two room mates, Emma and Jodie. Emma is in some of your classes. I don't think Jodie is in any apart from P.E but she is staying in the holidays. Emma isn't though. She goes to see her family as she misses them loads.' Beth explains.

'Family...' An image flickered in Sophie's mind. A young woman who had black as jet hair and beautifully thin cheekbones with light skin and blue eyes. She was so pretty. She was Sophie's mother. Then another image came into view. A man getting taken away, yelling something Sophie couldn't remember. He had blonde as the sun hair and blue eyes and was very muscular with pale skin. Sophie had blonde hair, blue eyes and had her mothers shaped face. She was pretty. The only thing she ever had was her beauty... Her beauty...

'Sophie? Are you OK? It's dinner.' Beth laughed, pulling Sophie out of the room gently.  

'Dinner? Food?' Sophie's mouth opened as wide as the ocean. A grin came onto it. 

'I'm guessing you didn't get much...' Beth glimpsed across, showing a sympathetic look of courage. Sophie shook her head. Then they came to the dining hall and Sophie was as happy as she had ever been. Ever.

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