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First movella on the new account so gonna develop this loads as promised.
Lol... donno what to put here. Just read. :)


7. A check-up

After Sophie had ravenously eaten breakfast a woman asked for her. She walked up to the woman.

'Uhm... What is it?' She mumbled.

'I'm the school nurse. I've been asked to give you a check through to make sure you're not ill.' The woman smiled, putting her hand on Sophie's shoulder and took her through to a room.

Purple curtains lit up the room, as the rest was white. 

'Lie down on the bed Sophie.' The woman grinned, comforting Sophie. 

'Uhm... OK.' Sophie fell down onto the bed and immediately felt like she was in heaven as this was the most comfortable place she had ever been.

'Now open your mouth.' Sophie did as told and the woman looked worried. 'Uh oh... I hope we can fix the rotting gums and teeth...' She carefully shut Sophie's mouth and gave a smile to her. She then told Sophie to get up. Sophie nodded and carefully got up from the bed. They walked down the corridors. 'So, do you enjoy it here?' The nurses awful attempt to make conversation. 

'Mmm...' Sophie smiled at the woman.

'How are you?' The nurse asked.

'uh...' Sophie shot a grin at the nurse to show her she was happy.

'We're here.' Sophie waddled into the room until she saw a machine.

'What's that?' She asked.

'An x-ray machine.' Sophie gulped as she lay under it.

'Will... Will... Will I die?' Sophie questioned.

The nurse burst out laughing. 'Don't be silly. It only takes a second. Stay here whilst I go and take a picture.' The nurse smiled.

'A picture, what's that?!' Sophie shrieked. 

'Stay.' The woman went through to a room and Sophie started sobbing but felt she couldn't leave. A moment later the woman returned. 'Got them. Let's go.' Sophie smiled.

'Thank you.' She thanked.

'What for?'

'Not killing me.'

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