Torn~ One Direction Fanfic

Jaelyne is a small town girl she has never truly know what love is and know she is torn by two and It's Harry Styles and Zayn Malik from One direction! Who will she pick?


2. the meet

The Security guy opened the door. Then it went quiet or a moment. We stood there by the door, the guy left. Then They all came and greeted us. Them : HI we're One Direction"  I laughed "Well i'm Jaelyne" Emma stood there still in shock so i decided to introduce her "and she's Emma" Niall went up to her  him : " Well Hey there Emma." Her eyes lit up They kept on talking Then Harry comes up to me Gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I but my lip he smelled wonderful. Then when he stare at me with his beautiful eyes i'd melt. Then i met Zayn. He hugged me kissed my other cheek, And when we talked i felt his full attention. I even Made him laugh. This was great Then it had to come to an end. then they said right well your 18, your considered an adult why don't we meet up in California? we'll be there for about 2 weeks. 1 full of concerts and one as a short break. Come we'd like to get to know you better. Emma and i Nodded yes yes we said Alright good. Give us your number so we can call you when we have your tickets and such stuff. I gave it to them, We were escorted and we left.

Harry's Pov* 

Jaelyne, she's something. Not like other girls she comes off shy but she has that flirty side to her. I need to get to know her crack her shell. She seems wonderful she has her own thing. Other girls scream and freak out on me she stay cool made conversation with me i like that.

So what did you think of them i asked Zayn

zayn's pov*

They seem chill.

Harry: that's it

Me: yea

But in reality no, Emma seemed cool and all thought it was funny how she was all in shocked and couldn't talk for a bit. But Jaelyne caught my attention. The whole time she stayed calm she didn't freak out on me like all the other girls. And Her smile is something. In her Honey eyes i could see she was being honest with me. I like girls like that. She has her own style doesn't follow the crowd i like that.


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