Torn~ One Direction Fanfic

Jaelyne is a small town girl she has never truly know what love is and know she is torn by two and It's Harry Styles and Zayn Malik from One direction! Who will she pick?


1. How it all began


There i was at a One Direction Concert. My heart was racing, i was in the front row! I could't help but notice Harry would look at me. I seriously could not believe that. ME he's looking at me. Sadly the concert came to an end. i was right in the middle of all the chaos, when i felt someone tap my shoulder, i didn't pay any attention thinking someone probably nudged me by accident. they at last i was walking out i seriously the last person, Me and my best friend Emma. Then i heard a voice say "Hey there" i turned around it was one of the security guys. Me: " Oh hello" Him: " One Direction wants to meet you two is that ok" My jaw dropped *in my mind* Holy sh*t One Direction wants to meet ME!? It should be the other way around, i've always wanted ot meet them and it's finally coming true!"

Me and Emma: " WHY of course

We were walking backstage towards their dressing room we were right in front of the door i could hear them talking. I was inches away from meeting One DIrection.  

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