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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


21. The winner takes it all...<3


Part 21 –



I can’t believe I’m in the final against Harry! I thought I’d be out first! I’m excited for today now, even though it’s the last day!!! Packing my bags has been a little stressful as everything’s everywhere. Maybe I should have listened to Liam when he said leave everything in your suitcase…

I got up to get breakfast after shoving everything into my bag and made myself and Chelsea some toast.

‘So, we’ll make this work right? After this?’ I asked as I handed her a cup of tea and the plate.

‘Yeah!’ she said happily.

‘Good, I love you’ I said sweetly and she kissed me nicely.



Bags packed, check. Looking good, always checked. Eaten, check. Kissed Itahlia, can’t check that enough!

I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed with my mirror! We better get to see the girls though! I’ll be devastated if I don’t!! Anyway, we’re leaving quite early this morning as everyone going talk to Jeremy about their time in the house after so it’ll take a while. I hope Niall wins, he think no one likes him and he’s like the odd one out in the band, which isn’t true!! It’s all because once when we met a group of girls, they hugged each of us except him, which made me slightly upset as he just stood there with his pen waiting for one of them to come up to him, but none of them did. I felt so sorry for him. And haters always seem to hate on him because of his braces? I try to help him and stop the hate but no one listens and it’s stupid! He’s one of my best friends so of course I’m going to try help, even though he doesn’t want me getting the same hate as him! I don’t think it’s fair at all so if he winds maybe it’ll boost his confidence.

I was wearing my varsity jacket and simple jeans with hi tops and a white shirt. The boys all had jeans and hi tops or converse on, with just simple t-shirts and jackets on. Itahlia was wearing a short black dress with a white belt draped on her hips and matching white heels.

‘Wow’ I said and brought her closer for a kiss. She was the right height now so I could reach her!



All the girls looked gorgeous! I was wearing a black skirt and cute white top and white heels with my hair crimped and twisted back. Alicia and Itahlia both had a simple black strapless top on and white heels. Itahlia had her hair in a messy bun while Alicia had hers straight down and her fringe pulled back. Chelsea had on a pale blue tight dress that was quite short and some simple black ballet flats went perfectly well with her straightened hair. Lisa was wearing some high waisted shorts and a tucked in t-shirt, with black knee high socks and black heels. They all looked extrodinHarry and the boys looked equally as beautiful! Their jaws dropped as we came out of the bedroom and Harry walked over to me and gave me a hug. I was still smaller than him so had to stand up tall to reach him, but I managed to give him a quick kiss before walking out of the automatic doors with the others. Harry squeezed my hand and we walked down the stairs, hand in hand with our boys. Everyone was cheering but I saw some people whispering things to each other and looking at us, but I giggled and carried on walking.


Me and Niall reached Jeremy first, followed by Louis and Alicia, Zayn and Itahlia, Liam and Lisa then Harry and Paige. We chatted with him for a while, still holding hands and then went to go sit down. I was to talk to him first so got back up and sat down in the little space that had been set up with two comfy chairs and a small table between them.

‘So Chelsea, how was your time in the big brother house!?’ Jeremy asked excitedly as we both sat down.

‘Hmm, eventful! But I had a great time!’ I replied.

‘What do you mean by eventful?’

‘Well, arguments, I shouldn’t really be saying most of this, Harry will tell you! He had the most drama!!’ I said and I saw on the camera Harry laughing.

‘Okay, did you take a liking to any of our boys… you know what I mean!!’ he said and I smiled at the memories.

‘Well, they’re all really nice lads, Louis funny, Harrys cheeky, Liam’s so sweet and Zayns really nice.’ I tried to put off Niall as I didn’t know I he wanted me to say anything, but Jeremy ruined it.

‘And what about Niall?’ he said with a wink. I looked behind me at Niall who nodded and smiled.

‘Well, I can’t say anything for Niall, he’s perfect’ I said and bit my lip. A chorus of ‘aww’s came from the audience but when someone shouted ‘except his teeth’ my smiled dropped and I saw Niall get upset.

‘No, his teeth are perfect, so why don’t you go get a life and stop hating on someone that’s amazing!!’ I didn’t realise what I was saying but when I turned around Niall smiled at me and mouthed a thanks. I smiled back and turned to face Jeremy again who laughed and sent me back.

I sat down next to Niall who thanked me again and kissed my cheek, causing a few people to talk but he didn’t mind. Liam went next and while he talk, Niall draw little invisible pictures on my hand with his thumb to stay entertained.



I was sat between Louis and Paige, and I had my arm round Paige’s shoulders as did Louis and Alicia. My mum was sat in front of me, and to stop my boredom she’d given me my phone back. When I checked my twitter account, I saw a load of messages from fans wishing me good luck, which made me smile. I went and searched for Paige, and when I found her, I saw a lot of messages asking if she could get free merchandise or tickets! That disgusted me! I can’t believe people were using her to try meet us!? I decided to send I quick tweet after following her.

‘There’s no need to ask for merchandise from @paige_louis , you’re not going to get any so there’s no point in asking any of the girls. Sorry guys’

I received instant replies, saying things like ‘Is she your girlfriend?’ and ‘Why are you sticking up for someone you’ll never meet again?’ and then there were some other really nice ones. I thanked some for the support and replied to the others. Then I told them the truth…

‘Yes, I’m dating her? What’s so bad about it?’

By the time I’d done all this, Paige had gone to talk to Jeremy. Louis looked over my shoulder and read the tweets.

‘Don’t listen to them Haz, you love her right?’ he said and I nodded.

‘Well then it shouldn’t get to you. Look!’ he said and pointed over to where Paige and Jeremy were.

‘So Harry must like you, look at these tweets!’ Jeremy said and there was my twitter homepage. I saw Paige look round and I smiled. She blushed and turned back to face Jeremy.

‘I’d hope he does!’ she replied and I laughed a little. When she came back she pecked me on the cheek and I blushed. ‘I love you’ I whispered in her ear and she said the same to me. I heard Louis ‘Aww’ behind me and I hit him playfully.


By the time everyone had finished talking it was about 6pm. We took a break and sat in a room for a while, waiting to be called back. We all had our phones back and the girls saw the hatred on twitter. I could tell they were upset, but we reassured them that it wouldn’t go on forever, and the TRUE directioners would respect our decisions. They agreed to ignore it and just reply to the good comments if they wanted.

It was time for us to go back on stage and find out who’s won! I’m sure Harry will have, since all those haters love his curls and hate my teeth? I checked my twitter quickly before we went on, and to my surprise I saw lots of fans had tweeted me a picture. It was a picture of myself, but had writing on it. I read it.

‘Niall Horan. The perfect Irishman! On March 24th Niall could be winning the Big Brother crown, but only with your votes! Everyone vote for Niall, to make him feel beautiful, and to make him feel better about himself, because he is… PHENOMENIALL!!! If you’re a fan, you’ll RT this, but not vote. If you’re a true directioner, you’ll RT, favourite, tweet him this and vote! #1DFAMILY’

This was the nicest thing ive heard! I sent a quick tweet, thanking the people who voted and now it was all down to those votes. Then me and Harry entered through the stage doors and walked over to Jeremy who beamed a smile at us. The others went and stood near the two chairs.

‘So Niall, Harry, one of you is about to win Big Brother 2012. Which of you will it be? Were about to find out!’

There was a little drumroll before he continued.

‘And the winner is…’ another long pause, it must have been about 4 minutes maximum.

‘NIALLL!!!!!!’ he shouted as my name flashed on the screen and everyone cheered. My jaw dropped but I managed to pick it back up as Chelsea came over and planted a kiss on my cheek. Little firework type of things went off at the side of the stage making me jump as the guys and girls came over and we had a huge group hug! I was elated!!! A crown was carefully placed on my head and I held the trophy high above my head!! I’d just won Big Brother 2012.


Thanks guys, please tell me if you liked it, leave ideas for another if you think its good and i hope you liked it :D:D My second fanfic ever^^^^^^

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