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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


5. The second task...


Part 5 –


'Housemates, since Niall did so well in his first challenge, your second is ready.' we were all gathered on the couchs listening to this unknown voice.

'Oh God! If its anything like what i had to do, then were done for!' Niall exlaimed shaking his head.

'The five girls must answer five questions about the boys. If they get them all right, then you have sucseeded, but if you get one wrong, you get nothing, your reward will be a 3 minute phone call home at the end of this week, on sunday. Good Luck' Oh dear lord.

'Okay, well, jut do the best you can, we wont punch you if you get it wrong!' Liam joked and gave me a quick kiss. Wait what!!! Liam just kissed me!! Oh my god.

'Just a good luck kiss' he said and winked, then he kissed my again, for longer and more passionatly.

'And what was that one for?' i asked mischieviously.

'Just because ive been dying to do that since i saw you' he replied. Good answer!

'Boys, you cannot help and you must sit in the diary room until theyve done, run along now' thw voicecame again and they all walked over to the weird room under the stairs, known as 'The Diary Room'.

'So whats the first question?' Paige asked eagerly.

'What are Liams sisters called?' the voice asked.

'Ruth and Nicole!' i shouted excitedly and a little pinging noise was heard, which made us all smile.

'Next question, What is Harrys favourite film?'

'Love Actually!' Paige screemed with a smile, and the noise dinged again.

'Next, When is Nialls birthday?'

'Omg its 13th September!!' Chelsea yelled and the ding came for a third time.

'Doing well girls, two more!' I shouted grinning from ear to ear. I really wanted to hear from my mum, i missed her loads.

'Good, what is Zayns saying?'

'Vas Happenin!!' we all chorused and laughed while the ding noise traveled round the house. One more to go.

'Okay, your doing well, last question, what is Louis known as back home?'

'The Swag Masta from Doncasta!!' Alicia screemed and we all cheered and hugged each other.



The girls did so well! We were able to watch them from the 'Diary room' so we were all squished up on the tiny chair. Zayn was sat on my knee and he was hurting my, well you know what i mean!

'Lads, as you saw, the girls got all five questions right, but what i didnt tell you is that only five of you can have that luxary. You must choose the five housemates that you want to have that call. You must have chosen by 12 tomorrow. The girls cannot know about your choices. That is all.' the voice explained and the door was pulled open by a man in black. We were all devasted that five of us wouldnt be able to speak to your familys, but had to stay quiet.

When we walked out of the 'Diary Room' the girls were all sat talking and were excited about getting the phone calls, so we decided to not tell them.

'Heyy girls!' Harry said with a smile. He aimed it at Paige and i fired one at Alicia who caught it and sent one back. Liam and Lisa were sat kissing on the sofa and Niall and Chelsea were stood near the bedroom holding hands and talking. It was so cutee!

'Awww!' i shouted over and Niall chucked his chocolate bar at me. He always had one in his pocket, and as soona s he realised what it was, he ran after it and jumped on me, retrieving his food and walking away. Everyone was laughing at me in pain since hed jumped right on my stomach.



Me, Louis and Zayn were the only ones who were taking it slow with Paige, Alicia and Itahlia. Niall and Chelsea were together, as were Liam and Liam. It had only been five days and it had gone so quickly, only 3weeks and 2 days left, and i hoped i had my light left on for the whole time. The first eviction thing was tomorrow, Sunday, and the voted started at midnight tonight.

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