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*I understand this is nothing like the actual series of Big Brother, because 1. They don't mix celebritys with other people, 2. They throw everyone out when their voted out, 3. Mine version should hapen because then i couldmeet the boys!!:O*

A fanfic about five girls, and five boys. What happened you ask? Well, Big Brother happened. One Direction meet five normal girls, and everything changes in the Big Brother house.
Feedback welcome, ideas too :D:D


17. Stuck...


Part 17 –


*8pm, in the big brother house*


Urg. I bet you anything i get switched off tonight!

'Housemates. Tonight another light will be switched off. Please watch your light carefully' the voice said and looked over to Louis who was biting his lip nervously.

Paiges light suddenly flickered along with Zayns. I was slightly confused but was even more puzzeled when neither went off or stopped.

'Technical difficulties?' Harry suggested and Paige and Zayn just shrugged at each other.

'Right, the next light off is...' there the voice came again and both lights finished flickering as Paiges went off and Zayns brightened up. She sighed and shrugged again, recieving a hug from everyone out of consideration. Harry was last. He gave her a quick kiss, and it wasnt long before they were just sat on the sofa kissing. Ew. This just led to Louis and Alicia kissing, Liam and Lisa kissing, Zayn and Itahlia kissing and i felt left out, so went over to kiss Chelsea. It was so romantic...


*The next morning*


'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lisa, Happy Birthday to you!' i woke up to Niall strumming his guitar and the others singing for me. Liam had a plate of pancakes in his hands and Alicia was holding three cute balloons. I smiled and thanked them, giving them each a quick hug and Liam a kiss.

I ate my pancakes and got ready as everyone left the room. I saw that everyone was sat on the sofa, apart from Paige who was making herself a drink, and Louis who was no where to be seen.

'Heyy guys, wheres Lou?' i asked as i plonked down next to Alicia.

'I dont actually know?' Alicia said realising id just sat on what she thought had been Lou.

'GUYS! HELP!' we heard from the bathroom. I went to go investigate with Alicia, Harry and Paige.

As i reached the bathroom door, i saw nobody. The other three followed me and we looked around for him.

'Anyone here? Lou?' Harry shouted with a puzzled look.

'In here! I locked myself in the loo! Help me!' a voice came from the toilet cubicle.

We all burst into hysterics and Lou started shouting at us.

'Its not funny! Get me out of here!' he shouted.

'Your not on the toilet are you?' Hardy said joking and Louis laughed sarcasticly.

'No, someone just climb under and get me out? I tryed climbing under but banged my head and my big arse wouldnt fit!' he said.

'Well i wont fit, Alicia?' Harry said and he pushed Alicia forward.

'Dont think im going under there! I wont be able to get back out!' She shouted and offered me the job.

'No! I might get hurt or i could die!!' i said dramatically taking my hand to my chest. We all looked over to Paige who sighed and sat down on the floor.

'Why me?' she muttered and Harry kicked her softly. She stuck her tounge out at him before forcing herself under the door.


Why did i have to go rescue him!? Im not exactly the skinniest person ever! Louis helped me up as i got under finally.

'Funny seeing you here?' he said playfully and punched my arm.

'Ouch.' i said without meaning it and he laughed.

'Just get us out of here!' he said and pointed towards the door. The lock sure was jammed as i couldnt open it at all. There was a little screw hole thing so i grabbed the clip out of my hair and tryed picking the lock. I snapped my clip and shouted to Harry.

'Harry, is there a screwdriver in the kitchen draw at all?' i asked and i heard him skip off to look. He returned a little while after and i stood on the toilet seat. I was just able to see over the door, but Louis lifted me up and i sat on his shoulders. 'Heyy' Harry said as he looked up and winked at me.

'Hi, found one?' i asked, beaming a smile.

'Yeah, but i dont know if its the right size?' he said, reaching up to give my the screwdriver.

I jumped off Louis shoulders and tryed to fit the screwdriver into the screw thing, but it wouldnt fit and i became frustrated. The screwdriver kept slipping from my grasp and it wouldnt go into the hole, so i gave up and kicked it back under the door. Again, i stood on the toilet and Louis let me sit on his shoulders.

'Do me a favour? Go get me a crowbar or a huge knife, i donr care about the door anymore, this cubicles too small for the both of us!' i shouted over to Harry who was messing drawing faces on the mirror with a pen. So mature.

'Okay.' he replied simply and walked off dragging his feet loudly.



I couldnt be bothered going round the house looking for a crowbar or something, and i knew i knife wouldnt work, so i went straight to Big Brother in the diary room and asked him if there was one.

'Big Brother? I dont supose you have a crowbar or something to open the cubicle door with?' i asked, storming into the room. 'Hi to you Harry. Erm no, but i cant get some people to get them out. They'll be out later tonight, they'll be fine, dont worry, you others will just have to cope with the other cubicle for now' it said calmly and i agreed and went to tell Paige and Louis.

'Louis you'll be in the for a while as Big Brother said he'll get some people to come get you out, but it wont be till later as they have to get the specialists or something?' i said as Louis popped his head up.

'Okay, well i'll stay here with Louis so he doesnt get lonley, if you want Lou?' Paige said also popping her head above the door. He nodded and i smiled.

'Aww, cute girl i have ayye' i said cheesily and she smiled and winked at me.

'Cheesy boyfriend i have then' she said winking again, ' and if you really loved me, you'd get me food so i dont starve to death' she joked and did thoose cute little puppie dog eyes. How can i say no to puppie dog eyes!?

'Fine. You want anything Lou?' i offereded being the nice guy i am.

'Yeah, make me a samichhh' he orded and i refused.

'Please?' he peladed so i laughed and went off to make it.


Harrys making food, Nialls asleep, Zayns outside with Itahlia, Liam and Lisa, and Lou and Paige are stuck in the cubicle. Me and Alicia are sat in the bedroom. Id just washed my hair and was straightening it for Lisas suprise party tonight. I was going to wear some simple skinny jeans and a cute top, while Alicia had a floral playsuit on the top of her suitcase. Paige had already layed out some short denim shorts and a tight belly top and Itahlia was staying in her joggers because shes boring. We had only 3 hours before Lisa was going to be called, and it wasgoing to be a good night!



So Harrys forgot about my sandwhich and im hungry, tired and cramped. The floor isnt the comfiest and theres no one to talk to since Paige has falled asleep. Nice company she was.

*An hour and a half later*

For gods sake! Im so bored! Still no sandwhich and theres only an hour and i half to go before were suposed to be suprsing Lisa! I hope we get out of here soon!

Suddey someone started scratching at the door. I woke Paige up and she was startled by the noises. The door suddey swung open and Harry and Liam were stood there with Alicia behind them.

'Thanks for my sandwhich!' i said punching Harry softly on the arm as he went over to hug Paige. 

'Yes, your welcome too for us getting you out! Aha, we found a pole and just hit the lock with it? We were all getting lonley without you guys!' Liam explained and i hugged Alicia tightly.

'Oh, i can get a shower now!' She said and shooed us all out, so i went to go get ready for tonight. Thank god, i can eat now. I sound more like Niall everyday, just without the accent!

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